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The Story Behind the Marshmallow
10.19.09, 12:05 PM
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As promised, this is the story of how “Marshmallow Mondays” came to exist.  As you may already know, “Marshmallow” is my step-son, Rydan.  I call him that because his belly is squishy like a marshmallow, and he giggles every time I say it. 

Before Ryan and I got engaged, I lived and worked in Hershey.  Because I was doing weddings on Saturdays and Sundays, my weekends were Mondays and Tuesdays.  As Ryan and I began spending more time together, so did Rydan and I.  He stayed with me every Monday during my wedding season.  We’d go to Chocolate World, the Zoo, the swimming pool, the park, and we’d enjoy whatever the day brought our way.  Ryan would join us after work, and the three of us ate dinner together, usually watched some tv, and then we’d all say goodnight.  Ryan and Rydan drove back home, and I stayed at my apartment.  Unlike most people, Monday was a day that I looked forward to.  I loved my time with Rydan.  We didn’t follow a schedule or a to-do list.  Instead we did what we felt like doing, and we loved every moment. 

Needless to say, when my wedding season ended around October and my work schedule went back to Monday through Friday, I no longer had my “Marshmallow Monday.”  I still remember that first Monday of waking up to an alarm, knowing that I had to go to work.  It broke my heart.  I hadn’t realized the bond that Rydan and I had been creating on all those Mondays until a Monday without him came and went.  I of course still saw him and Ryan on weekends, but I missed the one on one time I had with my marshmallow.   To remember how much those Mondays meant to me, I wrote this:

Life is a learning experience.  One way or another, you have probably learned the hard way once or twice.  Through a broken heart, tough family time or a fight with your best friend, you’ve learned that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” that “time heals all wounds,” and that “distance makes the heart grow fonder.”  Though cliche, these things do hold truth.  I’ve learned these things more than once throughout my life, and I’m willing to bet that the journeys you took to realize each of these lessons are associated with a few tears, disappointment and some stress. 

Not ALL lessons need to be learned this way.  Below are some of the most meaningful lessons that I have learned over the past six months, and all it took was the Monday of each week with one remarkable 4-year-old boy.

  1. To strengthen the imagination, pretend to be a superhero.  Choose your own super power.  I can transport myself anywhere by snapping my fingers and making a fish face.
  2. Forget the gym.  Just chase your own shadow instead.
  3. To get the most out of life, make it a daily goal to have the time of your life.
  4. To truly comprehend how much times have changed, watch today’s cartoons.
  5. Laughter is free fulfillment.  Take advantage of it as often as possible.
  6. To avoid routines, disregard the concept of time.  Concentrate on this day.
  7. Coloring reduces anxiety better than any pill (and if you need proof on this one, I’m it).
  8. Masks are not just for Halloween.  The next time you feel like crawling in a hole, put a mask on your face.
  9. For instant stress relief, do the hokey pokey.  The more you shake it all about, the better.
  10. For an appreciation of your surroundings, play I SPY.
  11. To make someone smile, see how many times you can tell them you love them in one day.
  12. To exercise your creative mind, make up your own rules every now and then (i.e. just because you made the marbles fall, it doesn’t have to mean you lost in Kerplunk.)

In case you haven’t got it yet, it’s simple:  LIVE IN THE MOMENT.  Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, just choose to live in the moment.  Doing so makes it really hard to not enjoy life. 

*thank you Marshmallow*

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I love the story behind the starting of your blog. Good luck with building it and continually growing as a writer.

Comment by Petula

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