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A Little Variation
11.02.09, 12:58 PM
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Just listen.  That’s all you need to do at Storyline Online, a fun and different approach to your bedtime story routine.   Yesterday, Rydan and I listened to Sean Astin read us A Bad Case of Stripes.  Then we listened to Pamela Reed’s version of Stellaluna.  With numerous books to choose from, this website offers a great opportunity to curl up with your child and enjoy being read to by a famous  actor or actress. 

Storyline Online is a program by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation, which features SAG members reading childrens’ books aloud.  I stumbled upon their website a few days ago and couldn’t wait to share it with Rydan.  He loved it, and has already chosen the next story he wants to listen to.  It was quite a treat to sit next to him and just listen, look at the pictures and feel like a kid again. 

Simply choose from the selection of books and click “Let’s Read.”  There’s nothing to download, and it’s completely free.  No need to even register for an account.   

SAG members featured are Melissa Gilbert, Elijah Wood, Jason Alexander, Haylie Duff, Amanda Bynes, among many others.  Because they’re actors, the enthusiasm they inject into the telling of their story is incredible.  Each story also includes accompanying activities and lesson ideas to share with your child.

Check it out at

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Hi, Bridgit,

You are one remarkable woman! Your “Marshmallow Monday” blog is a joy to read, not only for the fun of seeing Rydan and you and Ryan growing together into a wonderful family, but for the insights you offer and their applicability to other families. Keep it up!


Rev. Fordon

Comment by Rev. Fordon

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