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11.16.09, 12:57 PM
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Last week, Ryan and I had our first experience with a parent-teacher conference.  It was amazing to see the progress that Rydan has made in just under three months at school.  With only a three-and-a-half-hour day of kindergarten, it puzzles me as to how much he can truly learn in such a short amount of time each day.  However, as Ryan and I sat down in those teeny tiny chairs to talk with Mrs. Schwebel, the proof was on paper.

It was remarkable to see how Rydan wrote his name in September compared to how he writes his name now.  His writing is less shaky, and his letters are now recognizable.  We also saw self-portraits that Rydan drew each month.  In September, he was a pencil stick figure with a splash of red crayon.  In October, he was still a stick figure, but with a round green belly.  Now in November, he is a colorful vision with an entire body, facial features and clothing.  Comparing the three drawings was really interesting and made me smile.

It’s very easy to see that Rydan loves school.  He has many friends and countless stories to tell at the end of each day.  He barely has his foot in the door before he’s sitting at the kitchen table writing his letters and singing new songs.  He can write and read the words to, and, the, it, is, a, he, his, I, like, up, see, me, and my.  It seems like just yesterday that Ryan and I were searching for a lost “binky,” and now we’re searching for his favorite red pencil so that he can practice writing his “star words.”

Seeing how much Rydan has learned at school so far makes me very proud of him.  My little Marshmallow is not so little anymore.  Sometimes I like to go back and look at the photos from our “Marshmallow Mondays” to see how much Rydan has grown – physically, mentally and creatively.   Take a look at some of my favorite moments. 

When naptime still existed.


He could always make a costume out of anything.


I can still hear him giggling in this one.


She loves me, she loves me not.




Today, those chubby cheeks are gone.  His smile is even bigger.  He plays twice as hard.  He hugs a bit tighter.  His appetite is stronger.  But what I am most proud of him for, is his eagerness to learn and to share everything with the people he loves.


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B–I absolutely love reading your Marshmallow Mondays!!! I look forward to your emails every week now 🙂 Keep up the great work!

Comment by Lynsay

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