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Christmas Reflection
12.21.09, 12:04 PM
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December 25, 2009 will be my 28th Christmas, and it just might be the best one yet.  Now with a husband, a step-son, a new house, and not one but two Christmas trees, what more could I ask for? 

This year, I can’t help but think back to what Christmas was like when I was Rydan’s age.  I couldn’t wait to go shopping with my mom to pick out my Christmas dress.  I couldn’t wait to drag the Christmas decorations out of the attic.  And, I couldn’t wait to for the big, fat Christmas catalog to come in the mail so that I could make my wish list. 

What’s most intriguing to me, is that even back then I was fascinated with writing.  Every year I wrote letters to an elf named Clarabell.  My hand-writing was shaky, and my letters were long.  I placed my letters on a coffee table in the living room and anxiously waited for Clarabell’s response.  Sometimes it took a few hours; sometimes it took a few days (I think that depended on how well I behaved).  I asked her questions about Santa, his workshop, the reindeer, and she always answered every single one.  She’d write back in teeny tiny print, and sometimes she’d leave me little treats.  My mom insisted that she saw Clarabell in the house sometimes, but I was never lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her.  She was just too quick for me.  I loved the mystery that Clarabell brought to Christmas, and I was always sad when I received that last letter from her, telling me that she’d see me again next year. 

Now a mom myself, I think about how much fun it must have been for my mom to watch me light up every time Clarabell wrote to me.  I think about how much fun it must have been for her to read my letters, and to come up with answers to my many questions.  But mostly, I think about how proud she must have been to encourage my imagination and inspire what is now my favorite hobby, writing. 

Admitting that I once wrote to an elf might have been slightly embarrassing a few years ago.  However, I think it’s pure proof of how much influence our parents have on our creative side, and on our belief in things that only exist to us for a few years as children.  Then we become parents ourselves and realize that our ability to teach our children to believe in Christmas, is due to the fact that we had great teachers too.

Mom, I know you’ll read this, and I just want to thank you for bringing an extra special magic to my Christmas all of those years.  I can only hope that I’m doing the same for Rydan, and that one day he’ll reach his 28th Christmas and think as fondly as I do about some of my early Christmases. 

To the readers, whatever number Christmas this is for you, may it be memorable, special and full of magic.



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Amanda mentioned your site to me last week, and I had to stop by and say hello. (I love the snow!)

When I was a little girl, “Santa” would leave me candy with a note that said to please share it with my older brother. I figured out the ruse pretty quick, though, when I noticed that Santa and my mom had the exact same handwriting 🙂

Comment by Kelly Watson

Oh my Bridgit!! That brings back SO MANY Christmas memories!! Clarabell and Buttons…lol

Comment by Neese

To My Bula:

This is very touching. A parent can only wish through all of the experiences and mistakes that they can make, that enough love will shine through and have a positive impact on their children. You will be a great mother and will be both the link and the creator to many traditions. I love you, and thank you for making my Christmas memories some of my most treasured experiences.

Comment by Mom

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