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01.25.10, 12:49 PM
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“How about SpongeBob?”

Only Rydan would want to name his baby brother or sister after a cartoon character who wears square pants and lives in a pineapple under the sea.  Then again, I remember a few years ago when Rydan wanted to change his name to Spiderman Buffington, so I guess we really shouldn’t be too surprised.  As always, he made Ryan and I giggle, reminded us how imaginative he can be, and how that imagination can touch our hearts like nothing else. 

So, in case you haven’t heard the news, Baby Buffington is due to arrive on August 23.  We broke the news to Rydan last Monday after receiving a healthy report from the doctor and confirmation that there is indeed only one baby.  The possibility of twins was a reality for about 3 hours, but as it turned out, I am simply a bit further along than what was originally thought.  Surely we would have been happy with two, but one makes us just as happy (and slightly relieved)! 

Rydan seems very excited about being a big brother, and asks me nearly every morning how many more days until the baby is here.  Sometimes I think he’s more prepared than I am.  His excitement puts me at ease, and makes me look forward to having him as a helper.  Although, he has already made it clear that he won’t be changing any diapers. 

As Rydan says, soon I will be the one with the marshmallow belly, not him.

As for Baby Buffington, I received the most touching email from him or her a few days ago, and would like to share it with all of you.  It reads:

I heard you reading to my big brother last night. I can’t wait until I can crawl into bed with you and him and read too!

Can’t wait to meet you, daddy and brother.

Love you,

This is courtesy of my very thoughtful husband of course, and signed “Olive” because I had mentioned to Ryan that the baby is about the size of an olive right now.  Needless to say, we are all simply thrilled with our news.  The experience thus far has been slightly unpleasant for me, but after seeing that little heart beating on the ultrasound, it put my tummy at ease and made me forget about the past few weeks of morning sickness (more like all day sickness).

Coming Soon… Special book recommendations on preparing to be a big brother.


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What a wonderful and blessed anticipation! I’m so happy for you both. May God look down upon you with all her favor.

Comment by Rev. Fordon


I am so happy for you! You are already a wonderful mom to Marshmallow and will be a fanastic new mommy!
Congrats again!

Comment by Melissa

Congrats B! I am so happy for you, Ryan, and Rydan. Keep up the great job on your posts!

Comment by Amanda

Congratulations!!!! Lexie told me the other day when she has a sister she would like to name it Tinkerbell Ariel Thumbelina so I see where Rydan is coming from ;0)

Comment by Julia

Congratulations!!!!! I’m so happy for you, Ryan and Rydan!!

Comment by Deb Weaver

That’s SO CUTE! By the way..Uncle Sunshine thinks..”OLIVE” would be a nice name for ..BABY GIRL!!!

Comment by Neese

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