Marshmallow Mondays

A Chocolate Story

As a special treat, Rydan and I visited The Hershey Story after school one day last week.  Filled with the many stories of Milton Hershey and his town of chocolate, the museum offers children valuable insight into one man’s ultimate dream and the trials and triumphs throughout the journey he took to reach success.  It’s a fascinating place of inspiration for young minds like Rydan, who are eager to learn and always dreaming.

Rydan was instantly captivated by the large, beautiful staircase in the center of the lobby.  For Rydan’s little legs, climbing those stairs was a journey in itself, but he was quite anxious to see what awaited us at the top.  What we found before us was a world of exploration and imagination.  We were greeted by Bill and Barry, two kind, warm-hearted guides ready to ensure that we got the most out of our museum experience.  Rydan probably would have walked around the museum with Bill for hours.  “What else do you want to show me?” he said to Bill each time they finished exploring one of the exhibits. 

The interactive features were by far Rydan’s favorite part of our visit.  With Bill’s help, Rydan used touch screens to design two of his very own Chocolate Bar wrappers.  He also explored the town of Hershey like he’s never seen it before – as a digital model highlighting all of the very special corners in Hershey.  Rydan was able to see inside of Milton Hershey’s mansion, view photos of old sports teams at the Hershey Arena, and peek inside of the magnificent Hershey Theatre.  Rydan then starred in his own newspaper, where he was featured in an article that read “Rydan Among First to Ride Hershey’s First Roller Coaster.” 

We ended our visit with the purchase of a chocolate bar for Rydan, which he enjoyed on our drive home.  When we pulled into the driveway, his big chocolate-smeared smile was proof that he’d had a great time.

The staircase to fun and exploration.

Designing Rydan’s Chocolate Wrapper.

The finished product.

Digital exploration of Chocolatetown.

Hot off the press!

A very special thanks to Mr. Bill for being such a terrific tour guide and helping Rydan to appreciate the many unique stories behind that creamy bar of chocolate that he loves so much. 


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