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Today, Rydan will exchange his Spongebob Valentines with his classmates at school.  For the past few days, I have proudly watched him write each of his classmates’ names onto the cards all by himself.  We also created his Valentine container out of a cereal box and decorated it with scrap paper and stickers.  Though Rydan  isn’t quite too sure what this holiday is all about, he understands that it’s a chance to show his kindness to others, be thankful for his friends, and give extra hugs and kisses to Daddy and Bridgit.

In light of Valentine’s Day, I was searching for something book-related to post this week when I stumbled upon the Lollipop Book Club, which began as one mother’s way of making books more exciting for her children.  Rather than simply giving books as gifts, she started mailing books to her children and their friends in colorful, fun packages.  The children were thrilled to receive a package in the mail and just as excited to read the book that was inside.  This “book-by-mail” concept quickly turned into a successful business, and the Lollipop Book Club was formed. 

Simply select books for your package, include a special message, and each package will arrive in a signature red envelope with your message printed on a special sticker inside the book.  A cute, whimsical lollipop on top of every book makes this gift extra sweet and unique.  Find books for infants all the way up to children 12 years of age. Currently featured are Valentine’s Day gift books.  What a great opportunity to further encourage your child’s love of books! 

“Give the child in your life not just a book, but a sweet reading EXPERIENCE.”  -The Lollipop Book Club


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Watching your child write out their own Valentine’s is so fun & rewarding! I never heard of the Lollipop Book Club but that is such a great idea!
I’m glad Rydan understands (thanks to you and Ryan) what Valentine’s Day is about!

Comment by Erin

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