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Baby Bear Makes Four
02.15.10, 1:04 PM
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One of my favorite books series when I was little was The Berenstain Bears.  Every time the Scholastic Book orders came home with me from school, I always searched for the latest Berenstain Bears book to add to my collection.  I enjoyed these stories for years as a young child, so when Ryan and I stopped at Borders yesterday, I was happy to see that this wonderful book series has stood the test of time.  There were racks upon racks of Berenstain Bears books.  Some of them looked familiar to me, while other titles were brand new.  One book in particular caught my eye, The Berenstain Bears’ New Baby.  I remembered having this one in my collection when I was little, and thought it would be a perfect way to introduce Rydan to the Berenstain Bears and read more about the excitement he soon will experience being a big brother.

Even though this story is over 35 years old, it still offers Rydan an appreciation of being a family and of the many life changes that go along with growing up.  He can easily identify with outgrowing his bed, being a good helper for Daddy and Bridgit, and preparing for a change, such as a new baby.  Because the baby doesn’t show up until the very end of the book, this story focuses specifically on the concept of transition instead of addressing the more difficult-to-explain subjects of pregnancy and labor.  In doing so, it’s a great way of easing a child into the idea of a new baby and how his or her life will be affected by a new addition to the family. 

This is Rydan’s first book about being a big brother, so it’s a true delight for me to read him this story.  He giggles when Brother Bear falls off Mama Bear’s lap after her belly gets too big, and again at the end when Baby Bear pops Brother in the nose.  Because I was such a huge Berenstain Bears fan when I was little, it made me proud to see Rydan enjoy this book so much.  This particular story will hold special meaning to us, as well as to our own new “Baby Bear.”

For more fun with this bear family, check out the official Berenstain Bears website, where there’s lots to do in Bear Country.  Activities include mazes, coloring books, puzzles, trivia and dress-up.  Send an email to one of the Bears, read from the interactive story book, watch videos in the Bear Country Barn Theater, and visit the Bear Country Store where you can purchase books, audios and videos.

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I LOVED the Berenstain Bears books! I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the great work! 🙂

Comment by Jessica

I loved the Berenstain bears too! Ah, what good memories, and better yet, what great memories you are creating for Rydan!

Comment by Amanda

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