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For a change in your normal bedtime story routine, consider an audio story for you and your child to enjoy together.  Visit Storynory where you can listen to and download hundreds of audio stories for children of all ages.  Choose from fairytales like Thumbelina or The Ugly Ducking, one of the classic Aesop’s Fables – short animal tales with moral lessons – or listen to an orginal story by the writers of Storynory.   With a new story published every week, it’s easy to see why Storynory has grown in popularity over the past five years.  Their charming collection of stories is sure to include some of your personal childhood favorites, so it’s a great opportunity to introduce your children to stories that were special to you when you were their age.

Storyteller Natasha Gostwick is engaging and animated, and will capture your child’s heart with her enthusiastic story-telling voice.  Storynory offers a chance for the whole family to gather together and listen quietly to the telling of a bedtime story. Give your child the opportunity to really listen to the words of a story while creating the pictures in his or her mind.  It’s a wonderful way to exercise imagination and focus on the story itself. 

“Listening to children’s audio books helps develop attention and imagination. It stimulates a love of words. It’s educational, but above all, it’s a superb form of entertainment.”


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What a charming idea. When I was little, I absolutely loved to read and be read to. But I remember I had one audiobook, The Wind in the Willows. I would fall asleep listening to it. While I’d never, ever give up the time I got with my mom and dad reading, it was really cool to hear a professionally produced reading, with the voices and sound effects and everything.

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