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A New Book & A Sweet Treat

A few days ago, Rydan received a special package in the mail.  It was a large green envelope from The Lollipop Book Club.  Inside the colorful, eye-catching package was a new book and a blue raspberry lollipop decorated with an adorable icing goldfish.  After mentioning this special book club in one of my posts a few weeks ago, my dad (aka “Pap Chris”) mailed Rydan a gift certificate for Valentine’s Day.  Rydan chose three books from the Lollipop Book Club, and the first to arrive a few days ago was Fancy Nancy and the 100th Day of School.  Accompanying the book was a sticker with a special inscription from Pap Chris, which we adhered to the inside cover so that Rydan can always remember where this book came from.

Already one of his favorites, this book is a story about Fancy Nancy’s desire for an imaginative project to celebrate the 100th day of school.  The book has a clever way of teaching not only new words to Rydan, but also the meaning of bigger words like “fondly,” “dilemma” and “elegant” that he is not yet familiar with.  In doing so, Rydan is able to expand his vocabulary without even realizing it because these new words are so effortlessly incorporated into the storyline.  This is also one of my current favorites to read with Rydan because he learns to further appreciate and express creativity and to not give up in trying to find that creativity inside of himself. 

After reading this book for the first time, Rydan immediately noticed on the last page that there are many other Fancy Nancy books out there.  He is excited to read those and already asked me when we get can a new Fancy Nancy book.  What I love most about this series is Fancy Nancy’s character.  She is definitely someone that Rydan would be friends with in real life, and shares many of the same qualities that he has.  She is inquisitive, determined, thoughtful, creative and full of life.  Even though Fancy Nancy is fictional, I’m a firm believer that reading stories like this that are filled with positive, inspirational characters can challenge young minds to find the same type of positive attributes in themselves.

A very special thank you to The Lollipop Book Club for creating such an innovative way to get kids excited about books, and for introducing Rydan to the Fancy Nancy series.  We look forward to receiving our second book next month!


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This is such a neat idea! I can not wait to do it for my girls. Kamryn LOVES Fancy Nancy books also!

Comment by Ashley

Hearing your dad described as “Pap Chris” really disturbs me! 😉

Comment by Addie

What a wonderful gift!

If you wouldn’t mind, please pass on a little email I sent to you for Rydan.


Comment by Kim

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