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04.12.10, 7:38 AM
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In case you haven’t heard the news, last week we found out that Baby B is a girl.  Rydan’s response to the news was, “well, now we have two boys and two girls in the family.  That’s fair.”  I, of course, couldn’t agree more.  The past five months have been an experience like none other for me.  Being pregnant certainly has its highs and lows, but even at times of being absolutely repulsed by particular smells or the sight of certain foods, I still couldn’t help but think about that little person inside of me and feel a sense of comfort. 

Though I’m not one of those women who will say that I love absolutely everything about being pregnant, I will say that it is a truly wild experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything else.  Knowing that my little girl is with me every second of every day provides me with a pure sense of peace.  When I feel her move and kick, it sends a warmth straight to my heart and brings a smile to my face.  For now, she is safe, healthy and getting everything that she needs from me with little effort on my part.  It’s hard to imagine her a few months from now when I’ll need to figure out what her cries mean and how to make them stop. 

However, knowing that I already have such a wonderful support system between Ryan and Rydan gives me a great amount of comfort.  I am anxious to see Ryan in a new way, as a father to his little girl, and to see Rydan with his baby sister.  I know they’ll both be everything that little Baby B needs, and more. 

Over the past few months, Rydan has asked a lot of questions, which we of course expected with his incredibly inquisitive mind.  His thoughts are always so honest, and certainly make us giggle from time to time.  As always, he challenges me to help him understand life.  Since I’ll only be pregnant for the first time once, and since Rydan will only be 5 years old once, I’ve been keeping a pregnancy journal, which is filled with special moments  of the pregnancy that I want to remember, as well as memorable quotes from my favorite marshmallow.  Here are a few of them for your reading pleasure:

Feb. 9th.  Rydan told us that he had a dream that he could see inside my belly.  Ryan asked him if he had x-ray vision in his dream.  Rydan’s response was “No, Dad.  I was INSIDE Bridgit’s belly WITH the baby.”

March 1st.  Ryan told Rydan that I was getting my belly checked today.  His response was “Why? Is the baby coming today?”

March 2nd.  Today I was washing dishes when Rydan came and hugged me.  As he walked away he said “By the way, your belly is getting big.”

March 22nd.  This morning I told Rydan that the baby is the size of a sweet potato this week.  His response was “But, you ate mashed potatoes last night.”

April 3rd.  We bought a new car today.  My ten-year-old Flintstone Focus just wasn’t baby-friendly.  I always thought it would be a sad day when I said goodbye to that car, but knowing why I was saying goodbye allowed me to settle right into the new Kia.  Rydan had just one concern, though.  Before picking up the Kia, Rydan said “Bridg, did you check if the new car has cupholders?”  After reassuring him that it did, he said “Okay good.  That’s important because I need a cupholder.”

I love these comments because they show Rydan’s honesty and innocence, while reminding me of all the special qualities he has to offer his baby sister.


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Thank you for putting a smile on my face this Monday morning! My favorite is “…That’s fair.”


Comment by Kim

Isn’t Rydan the sweetest boy in the WHOLE wide world???


Comment by Jodi M. Scheib

Since I was on vacation last week I am catching up on my reading, but I agree cupholders are very important!

Comment by Tori Miller

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