Marshmallow Mondays

Lollipop Special Delivery

“That’s for me!” Rydan said as we came home from school and saw the bright red package resting against our front door.  He was right, and has come to recognize the fun, colorful packages that arrive in the mail for him from The Lollipop Book Club.  In no time at all, Rydan tore through the package to reveal a new book, Julius, The Baby Of The World,  and of course a fancy sweet treat, a blue lollipop with an orange icing fish.

For children like Rydan who are anticipating the arrival of a new sibling,  Julius, The Baby Of The World, is an entertaining way for them to understand and realize that it’s okay to feel a bit jealous of a new baby.  In the story, Lilly is determined to show her younger brother, Julius, that she does not accept him as “the baby of the world.”  She delights in insulting baby Julius:  “If you were a food, you’d be a raisin,” she whispers into his crib.  “If you were a number, you’d be a zero.”  She even tries to teach him the wrong order of the ABC’s and 123’s.  However, when a cousin comes to visit and starts to pick on young Julius, Lilly immediately shows the flip side to her sibling rivalry, which is pure loyalty and powerful protection of baby Julius.

Rydan gets a kick out of Lilly’s relentless behavior and determination to reject her younger brother.  As a parent, I like that this book doesn’t ignore a child’s fragile self-esteem and therefore exposes Lilly’s raw honesty.  A new baby can be a scary thing for a young child, which can cause feelings of resentment like Lilly experiences.   Though her behavior is extreme, she’s simply saying to her parents “Don’t forget about me!”  This book is realistic.  It reassures Rydan that feelings similar to Lilly’s are okay, and that at the end of the day, his warm heart and loving demeanor will make him a proud, protective sibling.

As always, a special thank you goes out to Karen at the The Lollipop Book Club for putting a smile on Rydan’s face, a delicious treat in his mouth, and for encouraging his excitement for books.


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