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LOST: I’m A Big Girl Now
06.07.10, 7:29 AM
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How does a book disappear?

One of my favorite childhood books was called “I’m A Big Girl Now.”  It was about an elephant named Ella who learned to potty-train like a big girl.  It was a bright pink hardcover book picturing a baby elephant wearing a polka dot outfit on the cover.

A few weeks ago my mom had mentioned this book to me because she was interested in buying it for Baby B.  She remembered how much we loved reading this book together and thought it would be a great read to pass on to Baby B.  Unfortunately, this was one book from my childhood collection that has completely vanished. 

A google search returns only one hit, which can be found here (scroll down about halfway and look for a pink cover), but the image is too fuzzy to make out the author’s name. 

There is actually an Ella The Elephant book series by Steven & Carmela D’Amico, but these books are not related to the one I’m searching for about potty-training Ella.

If anyone has any idea where I can find “I’m A Big Girl” please let me know.  I’m stumped!


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There are 3 on Amazon that match your description, but do not have an image. There is also a series for the “I’m a Big Boy” by the same publisher in the same time frame. Two of the sellers are based in PA, so perhaps you could send them a quick note and inquire about it?

Good luck!

Comment by Eric

I FOUND IT!!!! It was published in 1977ish right? From Kiddie Products? I can’t confirm it with a picture but I do believe this is it! I found a website that searches several different sites for you, I have four in a row here that are the same book, none of them have pictures but from the other information I believe that they are what you are looking for. I also sent an email to another site to see if they had it, I am awaiting their response. Should they have one that I can confirm is the right one I will send that info on to you, but for right now, I hope that this helps!

Have a wonderful day!

Comment by Angela Heitman

the Author is Darlene Tempy, I found a library in VA, that has the book, they pulled it from the shelf and gave me the authors name however, I still need to find where I can get the book any help would be appreciated.

Comment by Salena Koon

Try used bookstores, libraries, book sales, even mainstream bookstores. Get the name of the publisher and contact them. Also try eBay and consignment shops.

Hope all is well.


Comment by Jeanne Troy

I do remember bula loving that book so much.i always read it to her . i hope i find it for her.

Comment by valerie wiest

Dudes – I have the same problem! One of my favorite picture books growing up was about a raccoon who invented things for all the animals so they could do things and have adventures they couldn’t normally do, like fly or swim. For the life of me I can’t find it at home, and I can’t remember the real title, and I can’t find it online. So sad!

Comment by Addie

If you find this book, please post or e-mail and let me know!!! I am looking for the same book. I remember reading it over andover with my mother and would love to find it!!!

Comment by Christina

We are looking for the elephant potty traing book and would love to receive any information please.

Comment by Laurie

I’m also looking for a copy of this book! My dad used to read it to me when I was a kid and it’s like it didn’t even exist now…this makes me incredibly sad, because I wanted to give a copy to my dad on my wedding day. How can it just vanish??? To this day, Elephants are my favorite animal!

Comment by adria

I am also looking for this book. It was one of my favorites and I would love to share with my girls now

Comment by Jessicca

I’m looking for this book also!! I read it to my kids when they were potty training and I am trying to find it for my granddaughter!! Can’t find a copy anywhere…

Comment by wearefamily

I’m looking for this book – used to read it to my daughter – now want one for my grand daughter!! Please – did anyone find it?

Comment by Catherine

Amazon has it if you search “I’m a Big Girl Now Toilet Training Picture Book”. But they are used copies, and the sellers want almost $100 bucks for them! I too lost mine, a childhood favorite…but I won’t be paying that much to have one just yet.

Comment by Christy

Amazon has it if you search “I’m a Big Girl Now Toilet Training Picture Book”. But they are used copies, and the sellers want almost $100 bucks for them! I too lost mine, a childhood favorite…but I won’t be paying that much to have one just yet.

Comment by Christy

Wow! Thanks, Christy, for finding it. I was surprised after I did this post at how many other people were also looking for this book. At the time of the post, Amazon did not have it, so I’m glad to know it’s now listed. It’s a shame that it has such a high price.

Comment by Bridgit

I actually have my original book, but don’t want to part with it. I shot hi-res photos of it for a previous poster and would be happy to email them to anyone else.

Comment by 180|360

Oh my goodness, I have been looking for this book and mine disappeared too. I absolutely LOVED this book. I have to buy it just to add to my collection of books I had as a kid. Sweet Pickles, Frog and Toad series, Drummer Hoff Fired It Off, The Whisperiest Secret, etc. Some are very uncommon books, but definitely of my faves. Thank you for posting this!!!

Comment by Bianca

This is the best troilet training book……my Erin was training after reading the book for about one month in ONE DAY….I threw her diapers out the door………….pulled out her panties and told her she was a big girl now……………This is the truth. The book helps children visualize what is expected…..I want one right now for my grandchild.

Comment by JANIS sHELTON

I loved this book too! My copy got damaged when my younger brother came along and I have half a book left lol. My brother just gave me a niece this past fall, and I would love to find a copy for her.

Comment by Jaclyn

I just checked amazon and there are 2 copies for $46 each. at least the price is coming down. I plan to check eBay too-just in case. I’ll be stalking libraries, book sales, flea markets, and yard sales as well.

Comment by Jaclyn

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Comment by summer food lovers fat loss reviews

I just listed this book on eBay, if anyone is still interested.

Comment by Michael

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