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Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Goon

Lately, Rydan has been fascinated with two books.  Goodnight Moon and Goodnight Goon have become quite popular choices when bedtime rolls around each night.  We’ve been reading both books at least once a week for the past month and have since come up with our own “goodnights” based on these two favorites. 

A long time classic, Goodnight Moon is about a young rabbit who says goodnight to all of the objects and noises that exist in his bedroom.  The rhyming beat throughout the book make it easy to read and easy to remember.  Because Rydan relies on the same bedtime routine each night (bath time, snack, television, bedtime), he easily relates to the goodnight rituals of this story.  Only after wishing goodnight to everything from the room to the socks, to the bowl full of mush, can the young rabbit finally rest his eyes and fall asleep peacefully.

As a spinoff of Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Goon is an imaginative parody that transforms the rabbit’s bedroom into a friendly tomb.  Cows jumping over the moon turn into martians taking over the moon.  The old lady whispering “hush” is now a hairy old werewolf hollering “boo.”  Three little bears become three little mummies.  Kittens and mittens become claws and jaws.  Each page is a creative alteration of an everyday bedroom with furry animals to a tomb filled with monsters and ghouls. 

Even though each book comes with its own set of unique characters and objects, both stories end on the same peaceful note.  As a parent, I enjoy reading these stories to Rydan as much as he enjoys listening to them.  Both have a simple cleverness that is fun to read, yet provides a gentle calmness to the end of both of our days. 

Rydan has fallen in love with these books so much that when he says goodnight to me after reading each night, he recites a line from one of the books.  He’ll say “goodnight kittens,” and of course expects me to respond with “goodnight mittens.”  Or, if he says “goodnight screechy bat,” I’ll say “goodnight hat.”  It’s become a silly game we play, but as I turn out the light and walk away, it makes me smile to see him connecting with these books so much.


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I have never heard of Goodnight Goon, and it sounds so fun. Do you make up the rhyming response or always quote from the book? Soon Rydan will answer with his own creative responses!

Great post!

Comment by Kim

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