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More From Our Favorite Bear Family
06.21.10, 7:23 AM
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This past week, Rydan has been on a Berenstain Bears kick.  Ever since he found my childhood collection of Berenstain Bears books, we’ve been sorting through the pile all week and reading a new book each night about this famous bear family from Bear Country.

As many of you already know from a previous post, Rydan was first introduced to this classic series when we read The Berenstain Bears’ New Baby, so that he could learn about being a big brother.  He instantly became hooked on the bears and was excited to learn that there were many other books in which he could read about the bear family’s adventures.

So far, we’ve enjoyed reading: The Berenstain Bears No Girls Allowed, The Berenstain Bears Go Out For The Team, The Berenstain Bears Trick Or Treat, The Berenstain Bears & The Week At Grandma’s, The Berenstain Bears & The Missing Honey, The Berenstain Bears Learn about Strangers, and The Berenstain Bears Grow It

I always like listening to what Rydan has to say after we’ve finished reading one of these books.  He never fails to somehow relate to each story, which fascinates me.  Two nights ago after reading Grow It, Rydan said to me “Bridgit, we’re doing a good thing too by growing tomato plants” (which he reminds me to water nearly every morning, along with the marigolds he helped me to plant outside).  He has really enjoyed watching the growth of our tomato seed into a tall plant while knowing that he has helped it to grow by watering it with me.  The fact that a Berenstain Bear book, written decades ago, now reinforces that importance to him, is pretty amazing in my eyes and says something about the lasting impact of a book.

Another of Rydan’s favorite things to do after reading one of these books is to look at the back cover, which lists numerous other Berenstain Bears books.  He likes to point to the ones we’ve read, find the ones we own but haven’t yet read, and also loves to ask about the titles of the ones we don’t have.  I remember doing this same thing when I was little, which just goes to show that there is something extraordinary about these books that captures a child’s heart.

Do you or your child have a favorite Berenstain Bears book?  Marshmallow Mondays would love to hear about it.  Leave us a comment!


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My favorite Berenstain Bears book is “Go out for the Team.” Then again anything about baseball always spikes my interest. Love reading your blog honey! 🙂

Comment by Ryan

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