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Camping, But Still Reading
07.05.10, 7:29 AM
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Marshmallow Mondays is on vacation.

Rydan has been camping with Ryan’s side of the family since Thursday evening.  In celebration of the 4th of July, he’s been having lots of fun swimming, playing baseball, watching fireworks, making ice cream sandwiches, sun-catchers, and of course eating lots of yummy camp treats. 

Due to my 7-month big belly, which comes complete with an achy back and various other discomforts, Ryan and I limited our camping trip to spending the entire day on Saturday with Rydan and the rest of Ryan’s family.  Not reading to Rydan for the past four nights has felt very strange to me, and I’ve realized I rely on that bedtime routine just as much as Rydan does.  Though we did pack a few books for him to take along to camp, I couldn’t help but wonder each night if he’d still need someone to read a bedtime story to him before falling asleep. 

When Ryan and I arrived on Saturday, I got my answer.  The very first thing Rydan said to me that morning was “Bridg, can you believe that Nana didn’t read to me last night?!”  It was the honest way he said it that made me smile and feel a tiny sense of relief and satisfaction to hear that he really wanted to read.  He wasn’t just tattling on Nana because he thought I would get upset with her.  It was more about the fact that he just missed his bedtime story.  Despite being away from home and on vacation with numerous other things to distract him, he still relied on his usual routine, and for that I couldn’t be more proud of him.

In Nana’s defense (because I know she’ll read this), she is a huge supporter of Rydan’s love of reading and missed just one night of story time because it was way past his bedtime.  She certainly can’t be blamed for showing him a good time! 

So, here’s what I’ve learned this past weekend:  Rydan truly does rely on his bedtime story, regardless of where he is or who is with him, because he enjoys reading, not because I say he should.  And secondly, I really miss reading to him when he’s not here.  It’s a good thing he comes home today!


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Its good rydan is coming home today than you can read any bedtime book to him!

Comment by valerie

To cute!!!

Comment by Neese

That is so sweet!

Comment by Melissa

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