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Turning 6, Camouflage-Style
08.02.10, 7:41 AM
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“That’s why my legs were growing last night.  Look, I”m higher today.” 

That’s what Rydan said to me Friday morning when I asked him if he felt any older now that he was six.  As I struggled to help him button his shorts, I told him that it appeared his “marshmallow” grew overnight too.  His response was “Yeah, that’s what happens when you turn 6.  Your legs and your belly grow overnight.” 

Rydan has been counting down to his birthday for at least the last three months.  So when it came time to send out invitations and buy birthday supplies, he was eager to get the party started.  His theme of choice this year was camouflage.  From the invitations to the napkins, plates, and cake, everything had to be green, brown and black.  We even picked up a pack of grenade water balloons for some extra fun.  I think Ryan and I had just as much fun filling them as Rydan and his friend Kaden had as they chased Nana around the yard.

With his new camouflage t-shirt, a gift from Ryan and me, and brown and green striped shorts, Rydan kicked off his party in style.  Surrounded by family and close friends on a perfect day of  sunshine and blue skies, it was a guaranteed good time.  Rydan enjoyed some of his favorite activities with some of his favorite people, including:  baseball on the Wii with Pap Chris, ladderball with Kaden, and swinging from a fun new tree swing thanks to Nana and Pap. 

New gifts included Toy Story 3 for Wii, Shrek Forever After for DS, new DVD’s (Alice In Wonderland, Alvin & The Chipmunks The Squeakquell & Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs) a Slip ‘N Slide, Guess Who? (already a new favorite game for the three of us), a WWE outfit, a camouflage outfit with the words “Big Brother” on the shirt, and lots of other treats.

Now with longer legs and a bigger “marshmallow,”  it appears that turning 6 was a pretty nice birthday for Rydan.  I can’t help but wonder what turning 7 will bring for him?


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Hi, Bridgit,

Thanks so much for keeping us on your e-mail list for these delightful Marshmellow Mondays. My wife and I do look forward to reading them because they remind us so much of what our own chilodren, and now our grandchildren, are doing as they “grow up.”

Our best,

Rev. Fordon

Comment by Rev. Fordon

That cake is adorable! Glad to hear he had a wonderful time at his 6th birthday!

Comment by Stacy

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