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Born On A Marshmallow Monday
08.23.10, 12:48 AM
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Meet Sister Marshmallow, Lily Brielle Buffington.

She was born last Monday, just under 6 hours after I had posted “Something For Your Recipe Book.”  Ryan, Rydan and I left for the hospital 30 minutes after I had finished that blog entry, which was the most difficult one I’ve ever written, simply due to the fact that I was finishing it up between contractions.  Little Lily must have known how much her Mommy’s blog means to her and her brother, because she held off until that post was completed.

It’s now been a week since Lily’s debut into the world, and I can’t help but smile just knowing that there was a 1 in 7 chance that she would arrive on a Monday.  Call it a coincidence if you like, but I disagree.  My Lily knew exactly what she was doing.  She wanted to share the Monday spotlight with her big brother.  I can’t think of a better day of the week to meet my little lady. 

When I think back to my reason for starting this blog, it was because I wanted to dedicate some time to the impact that one special boy had on my heart, and to the bond that grew between us on all of those Mondays we spent together before Ryan and I were married.  I can now say that both of my children have given me special inspirations for writing this blog.  Being able to say that I am now a stepmom and a mom, is a true gift that I thank my lucky stars for every single day. 

Rydan is just as I thought he would be – a proud big brother with lots of questions about his little sister.  Though he still hasn’t held her (“maybe when you take that blanket off of her,” he says), he is very much intrigued by the faces and sounds she makes.  He got quite a kick out of her peeing all over Mommy during her first sponge bath too.

It’s moments like that where my creative side starts churning, and I want to pick up my pen and write new stories.  Nothing beats inspiration from your own children.  Between Lily and Rydan, look for Marshmallow Mondays to be full of new stories and adventures!

On one last important note, I must say a very special thank you to Ryan, for taking over a few story times with Rydan during the past week while Lily needed to be fed.  We love you, Daddy!

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So happy for you, Bridgit! What a wonderful family! 🙂

Comment by Melissa

Congratulations Bridgit! It is so perfect that she was born on a Monday:) I couldn’t be happier for you all.

Comment by Kelly

I could look at lil’ Lil’s photos all day!

Rydan’s blanket comment made me laugh out loud! I really enjoy hearing his priceless quips and am sure his new relationship with Lily will keep them coming. Yay!


Comment by Kim

bridgit i am so happy for you and lily! She is soo cute and cuddly! I hope lily is soo happy to be with a family who loves her!!! me and mom cant wait to see you on friday see you!!!

Comment by tori

Congrats Bridgit!! This is my fav Marshmallow Monday blog so far! I’m so happy for you, Ryan, & Rydan that you can enjoy, learn, & grow with Lily. I love that she was born on a Monday!!
Erin (from Ryan’s work) 🙂

Comment by Erin

I love this blog! Words cannot express how excited I am for you and the boys. Every moment, even the exhausting ones, are a treasure!
Please let us know when you will take a visit!!

Comment by Stacy

Congratulations! I didn’t get a chance to read the last few posts, but I am really glad to hear that both Mom and Lily are doing well. You know she is very special (I know because she was born on my Mom’s birthday 😉 Cherish every moment. It goes so fast. Mollie just started kindergarten almost 2 weeks ago and I look a photos from those first few moments and wonder how she go to be such a big girl so fast.
Keep doing what you love and always love what you do.
My Best,

Comment by Brook Lauer

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