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09.06.10, 2:49 AM
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Today’s post is dedicated to all of the loving friends and family members as well as devoted readers of Marshmallow Mondays.  I’ve received countless emails from many of you this past week asking “How was Rydan’s first day of school?”  “How is Lily doing?”  “What does Rydan think of his little sister?”  “How are Mommy and Daddy adjusting?” 

So today, I’m going to answer all of those questions.  Before I do, though, I truly want to thank each and every one of you for showing such love and care for my two “marshmallows.”  I enjoy hearing from all of you, and even though I haven’t had a chance to respond to each and every email, I do read them all. 

And now, here are your answers…

Rydan had a great first week of 1st grade.  He was eager to step onto the bus last Monday, and was extremely excited when he saw that this year, he is the first one on the bus instead of the last.  He gave me a big smile and a big wave from his seat as the bus pulled away, and I knew he would be just fine.  Throughout the week, he stepped off the bus with that same big smile.  He told me that he really likes his teacher and has the same kids in his class as last year.  Probably the biggest change this year is that he is at school for a full day rather than a half day.  His favorite part about that is of course lunch time and being able to eat in the cafeteria.  There are only three days this month where he chose to pack his lunch, which are on two taco days and a chicken patty day.  He has already enjoyed phys ed class, music class and art class.  Needless to say, Rydan has settled back into the swing of school extremely well. 

As for Miss Lily, it’s so hard to believe that she is already 3 weeks old today.  Ryan and I can see that she is growing as the days go by, and that her features are really developing.  Her eyelashes are now nice and long, her hair is growing in even more, and her little belly is a tad bit fuller than when we first brought her home.  She is eating very well and slowly establishing more of a routine.  She can recognize Mommy and Daddy’s voices, which we know by the way her eyes light up when we talk to her.  We’re learning all the ways she likes to be held, as well as the positions that make her uncomfortable.  She still is a bit jumpy, evident by the way she throws her arms up in the air at loud noises, but she is easily soothed by Mommy tickling her arms or Daddy holding her close to his cheek.  Getting to know her and learning all of her little quirks is a true gift.  We grow to love her more and more each day, and enjoy watching her personality develop. 

Some big news for today… Rydan FINALLY held his little sister.  At his request, we kept the blanket off of her and showed him how to cradle Lily in his arms.  He did a fantastic job and looked like such a proud big brother.  He is still very much intrigued by Lily, likes to watch her get a bath, as well as giggle at the “noises” that sometimes come out of her tiny body.  He has learned to whisper and understands that for right now, Lily mostly sleeps and eats.  Although, he did ask me the other day “why Lily gets to eat all the time and he doesn’t.” 

As for Ryan and I, we are taking each day as it comes and giving lots of hugs and kisses to our sweet little girl.  During the week while Ryan is at work, Lily and I take advantage of our girl time by going for lots of walks, cuddling on the couch, working on Lily’s scrapbook and memory book, watching silly daytime television shows, and catching up on sleep whenever it comes our way.  By the time 6 o’clock rolls around, we’re ready for Daddy to come home.  It should come to no surprise to most of you that Lily has already been introduced to the Phillies, from the comfort of Daddy’s chest on the living room couch.

Once again, thank you so much for all of the thoughtful emails!  Please continue to read each Monday and look for new updates and photos from the Marshmallow kids.


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Hi, Bridgit and Ryan,

As I read these delightful Monday morning “Marshmellows” I think of what a terrific family history you two are building up for Rydan and Lily. In our day, the best we could do was a photo album, which in fact we still very much treasure so that when our “kids” (now, of course, quite grown up!) and their children come to visit, we all look and smile at the way things used to be. What we miss that you provide is the loving commentary that accompanies your pictures. Think of what fun Rydan and Lily will have when they grow up and have kids of their own 25 or 30 years from now and come to visit you. They, too, can then smile at the “way it used to be.”


Rev. Fordon

Comment by Rev. Fordon

How beautiful! Thank YOU for allowing us to share your life with your blog. I love reading it, especially now since I don’t get to see you at work everyday. Can’t wait for our lunch date! Talk to you soon!

Comment by Melissa

Thank you so much Bridgit for sharing your beautiful family with us!!! I truly enjoy reading your posts every Monday!!! Rydan looks SOOO proud holding his little sister and I’m sure Lily will be daddy’s little girl!!! Hugs!!!

Comment by Jodi M. Scheib

bridgit baby lily looked so cute when rydan holded her i wish mom had another baby than i would have a baby sister!!!

Comment by tori

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