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Phantastic Phanatic Books

It’s no secret that I live with two of the Phillies biggest fans.  In fact, today’s post was Ryan’s idea.  I actually had no idea that a Phillie Phanatic book series existed.  Rydan does own one Phillies book called Hello, Phillie Phanatic! but there are other Phanatic books too.  Below is the collection of books by Tom Burgoyne featuring Philadelphia’s favorite mascot.

Travel down memory lane with the Phanatic as he looks back at some of his fondest memories of his first home – Veterans Stadium.

Today the Phillie Phanatic moves to his new home. What will the new place look like? Where will he sleep?  With the help of his friends, the Phanatic comes to realize that moving can be fun and exciting.

As he is walking home from the park, the Phillie Phanatic stumbles upon a mysterious glowing object that had fallen from the sky. When he reaches down to touch it, he is transformed into the world’s newest super hero – SUPER PHANATIC!  Discover how the Phanatic uses his new super powers to help a little boy become the best baseball player he can be.

The Phanatic’s adventurous mind takes him all over the world on his four-wheeler. Tag along with the Phanatic while he visits Japan, Australia, Holland, and Mexico and learn all about these different countries.

 The Phanatic has had some memorable birthday parties over the years and with his birthday right around the corner, he’s wishing for the biggest bash yet!  But when the Phanatic rushes through the ballpark to get to his party, he discovers that no one showed up. Did everyone forget his birthday? Little does the Phanatic know, he’s in for the surprise of his life!

“The Philadelphia Phillies are 2008 World Champions of baseball!” When the Phillie Phanatic heard those sweet words announced by the great Harry Kalas, he knew that a big party had just begun. Little did the Phanatic know that he was going to be put in charge of the biggest victory parade that the city had ever seen. But organizing a parade is hard work, so the Phanatic elicits the help of his very special friends to get the job done. The Phanatic finds out that when you work as a team, everyone’s a champion!

This year, the Phanatic doesn’t want to just get gifts from Santa – he wants to surprise Santa with a present of his own. Join the Phillie Phanatic in a snow-filled adventure as he decides to make Santa Claus’ wish come true.

One last note for today at my husband’s request… The Phillies Magic Number is 10.


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