Marshmallow Mondays

A Star Moment, A Crazy Hair-Do & A Hayride

Last week at school Rydan enjoyed a proud moment, flaunted a crazy hair-do and had some fun on his very first hay ride.

Early in the week, he came home with a special “Star Student” certificate.  Rydan was very anxious to tell us about being awarded the certificate for doing exceptionally well in computer class that day. 

That was just the beginning of his excitement for the week.  With crazy hair day approaching on Friday, Rydan made sure to remind us every day that he needed to come up with a crazy hair idea.  So on Friday morning, Ryan and I sprayed half of his head red and the other half green.  When he came home from school that day, he said that everyone wanted to touch his colored hair, and that no one else had a crazy hair-do like his.

We then bundled up Lily and went to the Fall Festival at Rydan’s school, where he enjoyed some time on the playground with his friends, painted a pumpkin and played a few games.  The night ended with a hayride around the school’s yard, a first for both Rydan and Lily.

Books are twice as enjoyable when kids can make a personal connection to the storyline, so for this week’s post we found three books about each of these fun times that Rydan had at school. 

Stanley Birdbaum is one happy hamster. It’s his turn to be Star of the Week at school! He’s ready to share his favorite food, his favorite toy, and, most of all, his favorite thing to do. Unfortunately, the week doesn’t quite go as planned. His favorite food is, well . . . unusual. His favorite toy? It seems to be on the fritz. And sharing his favorite thing to do is scary, what with everyone staring and that bratty Polly Seedeater making mean remarks. But with a little encouragement from a good friend, Stanley summons his courage and gets his creative juices flowing. Now that’s star power! An earnest hamster’s moment in the spotlight is less than stellar – until a squiggly little line and a big burst of imagination let his true talents shine.

Stanley Birdbaum couldn’t be more excited–he has rolled and wrapped and dyed his hair. He has dipped it and sprayed it and made it, well, perfect. He’s ready to celebrate Crazy Hair Day at school. But When Stanley marches proudly into the classroom, he discovers, to his horror, that Crazy Hair Day is…next week. Poor Stanley. To make matters worse, today is School Picture Day–he’s expected to line up with his classmates for the class photo! What’s a young hamster to do? In this uplifting story of friendship and kindness, what starts out as a worst-ever experience takes a surprising turn as Stanley’s best friend, and classmate, concoct a creative show of solidarity.


The cubs want to hold a Halloween Festival to raise money to help save Farmer Ben’s floundering farm, but he’s reluctant. After all, no self-respecting farmer would turn his place into a theme park! Things get spooky when Ben’s long-dead ancestors show up. Will Ben’s farm go bust, or will the ghostly forbears come to the rescue?  


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