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Seeing Blue
10.25.10, 7:48 AM
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Yesterday Rydan woke up and dressed himself in all blue – blue pants paired with his blue WWE t-shirt.  Why?  Because he knew it was our “date day” to see the Blue Man Group at the Hershey Theatre.

Neither one of us had ever seen the Blue Man Group or knew much about them.  Last month Ryan came home with a special envelope that said “Rydan & Bridgit’s Date Day,” and inside were pictures of the blue men, as well as our tickets to yesterday’s show.  We immediately looked at the Blue Man Group’s website and checked out a few of their videos on YouTube to see what they were all about.  Rydan was of course very intrigued by these blue-faced guys and anxious to see them in person. 

When we arrived at the Theatre and sat down, I began flipping through the playbill while Rydan asked me every two minutes when the show was going to start.  As I read the write-up about the Blue Man Group, a quote by Matt Goldman, one of the co-founders, caught my eye.  Goldman said:

“Preserving a childlike wonder is definitely one of the things behind what we do.  We believe that we’re all creative beings, and creativity can look a lot of different ways.”

I knew right then and there after reading those two sentences that Rydan would love the Blue Man Group.  Goldman’s words reminded me of Rydan’s extensive imagination and creative ways of thinking.  Knowing that this show had a dedication to preserving the kind of creativity that I see in Rydan every day made me just as excited as he was for the show to start.

If you haven’t seen the Blue Man Group, please put it on your to-do list!  The crazy things these guys do with paint, PVC pipes, and LED screens is truly incredible and mesmerizing to watch.  Rydan was on the edge of his seat for the duration of the show.  I watched him bop his head back and forth numerous times to the sound of the blue men playing instruments of their own making.  I listened to him giggle at the silly ways they interacted with one another as well as the crowd.  He was fascinated by the fact that these men didn’t utter a single word throughout the entire performance, but instead relied on their instruments, props, facial expressions and movements to entertain the crowd.  And when the show came to an end, he turned to me and said “Are these guys coming to Hershey again?”


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Maybe next time, Las Vegas!

Comment by Ryan

YES, I saw the Group in Las Vegas 8 yrs ago. Truly mesmorizing. I was just tellilng Tori how much I want to get to the Theatre. We were thinking about getting tickets for South Pacific.

Comment by Stacy Miller

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