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As much as I love children’s books, I have to be honest by admitting that I’ve always been skeptical about the benefits of reading to infants.  I just wasn’t convinced that babies really gained anything by being read to at such an early stage of life.  Can they understand the concept of a book?  Are their eyes developed enough to see the pictures?  Will they sit still long enough?  These are questions that I had… until I had Lily. 

The truth is that YES, babies really can comprehend a book.  Maybe not the storyline itself, but I truly believe that when I sit down on the rocking chair with Lily in my lap and a book in my hands, she knows exactly what’s going to happen.  It’s the experience of a book that she comprehends.  She is comforted by the sound and inflection of my voice and somehow associates my words with what she sees on the pages.  I know this because of the way she responds.  Her focus is on the colorful illustrations in front of her rather than the light coming from the window, the ceiling fan above her, or Louie meowing at our feet.  Normally, Lily is intrigued by her surroundings and anxious to look at and touch everything she sees and hears.  But, something happens when we read together.  Her five-month-old tiny mind somehow manages to totally tune out everything around her and focus on the book we’re reading.  It’s really quite amazing.

Lily and I read together for thirty minutes to an hour each day, and it’s a time of day that I always look forward to sharing with her.  I love to watch her eyes dart across the pages as she attempts to touch the book. 

Today, we are sharing some of Lily’s favorite books to read.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? was the first book I ever bought for Rydan, so this is a special one for me to introduce to Lily.  She loves the big, colorful, animal illustrations on each page.

Ten Little Ladybugs is another one that I remember reading to Rydan when he was just two years old.  He always had to count the ladybugs on each page, and as soon as we closed the book, he would open it again to start over. 

My mom always read Mother Goose rhymes to me when I was little.  Every time I read these cute little rhymes to Lily, I find myself reading them the same way my mom read them to me. 

Even though this one doesn’t have any words to read, Lily loves to look at these baby faces.  Not only are the faces adorable, but the background on each page is so vibrant and colorful.

Lily also likes to listen to singalongs.  Barefoot Books offers a great selection of books that include singalong CD’s.  Lily particularly enjoys the Animal Boogie, where she can see different animals of the Indian jungle shake and boogie.  To hear the Animal Boogie song and watch an animated version of the book, check out the video on YouTube.

As Lily continues to enjoy all of the books in her collection, we’ll be sure to share more of her favorites with our readers.  As always, please feel free to share your favorites with us too!


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Hi, Bridgit,

You are a librarian’s delight! Your love of reading, the joy you feel when you share that love with your little infant daughter and rapidly growing son are sheer pleasure to observe. Keep up with spreading the good news.

Ev. Fordon

Comment by Rev. Fordon

What a great start to my week! Thanks so much for sharing.

I think “Lil’ Lil is Reading!” would be a great book title. 🙂

Comment by Kim

This is such an awesome insight! My parents firmly maintain that the reason I spoke so early and loved storytelling so much was because they always read books to me with real words and always spoke to me with real words instead of baby talk. You’re already building her vocabulary and her ability to understand the world and sympathize with others. So great!

Comment by Addie

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