Marshmallow Mondays

Special Delivery

There it was in the mailbox… a big, bright blue envelope with Rydan’s name on it.  Lily and I saw it when we took our afternoon walk down the lane and back.  I would have left it for Rydan to get out himself, except it was so big that the post lady had to leave the mailbox door hanging open. 

Rydan could barely contain his excitement when he got home from school and saw the envelope waiting for him on the kitchen counter.  He knew it was the package he’d been waiting for from The Lollipop Book Club.  Remembering that his gift certificate from Santa allowed him to purchase two books, he said “I wonder which book it is!  And I wonder what kind of lollipop I’ll get!”

Ready to tear it open.

Revealing… Where The Wild Things Are and of course, a big monkey lollipop.

Stay tuned for another special delivery arriving next month from The Lollipop Book Club!


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What a great book! He looks so excited to read it! Sounds like a good club, books and candy 🙂

Comment by Laura Wiest

I wish I had a book from the Lollipop book club! Also, a lollipop to chew on. I hope I’ll get a certificate this easter so I have more books to read! Have fun reading Rydan!!!

Comment by tori

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