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Birthday Bash
08.08.11, 8:53 AM
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It almost seemed like Christmas.  Rydan and Lily’s birthday bash was filled with gifts, sweet treats and memorable moments, all in the company of friends and family members who came to celebrate with us. 

Rydan’s choice of theme this year was dinosaurs, and for Lily, it was banana cupcakes (homemade with lots of love by Mommy) featuring a very special topping – yellow lilies in the shape of… yep, you guessed it…  Marshmallows!

We decorated with balloons, Happy Birthday chalk board signs on our front porch, a Birthday Trivia Board, and strands of photos hanging in various places featuring Rydan and Lily at some of their best moments.

Rydan and Lily both received entire new wardrobes as well as some birthday cash to put in their pockets.  Rydan got quite a few bionicles, items for school, a Beyblade, a throwback baseball net, and the Megamind DVD (just to name a few gifts).  Lily received lots of new learning toys including stacking blocks, a tea set, a musical bubbles octopus for the bath tub, and a new baby doll (again… just to name a few!)

Check out our photos to see a few highlights of their party.

Painting his wooden dinosaur to match his dinosaur cake.

The cake.

The cupcakes.

The spread.

SOME of the gifts. The camera could not capture all of them.

Our Birthday Trivia board, which featured questions about each of our marshmallows, was a big hit.

Blowing out the candles.

Time to smash the cake!

Showing off his new WWE lunch bag.

Lily was excited about her birthday cards.

Rydan was excited about his gift cards.

9pm and still going strong in her new pjs.

Thank you everyone who came to spend the afternoon with us and celebrate such big days in our little marshmallows’ lives.  We love you all and are so grateful for the kindness and love you give to Rydan and Lily.


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