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Buy A Book For Avala
08.22.11, 8:12 AM
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Today’s post is in honor of one very sick little girl.  Her name is Avala, and she’s only 3 years old.  Perhaps you’ve heard about her story, but in case you haven’t, I feel it’s important to tell all of you about her. 

Avala visited Cowan’s Gap State Park with her family this summer.  She was swimming, went under the water with her mouth open and swallowed some water.  Shortly after that, Avala became very ill and ended up in the hospital.  She has been diagnosed with HUS (Hemolytic-uremic syndrome ), which affects your red blood cell count and causes renal/ kidney failure.  She is being treated at Hershey Medical Center, where she’s been given blood transfusions and placed on dyalisis.  She has suffered from numerous seizures, weight loss, an enlarged heart and  just this past weekend had half of her left colon removed.  She now has a colostomy bag and is at risk for more infections. 

I’ve been following Avala’s story on Facebook after hearing about her story through a mom’s group.  Every time I read her mother’s updates, it brings me to tears just knowing that her little girl is suffering and she can’t make it better.  I can’t begin to imagine the pain either of them are experiencing. 

So today, I ask all of you to pray for Avala.  Pray for her recovery.  Pray for the doctors.  Pray for Avala’s parents.  Pray that this precious little girl is healed.

In addition, I’ve set up an online fundraiser through Barefoot Books to help Avala and her family.  Please consider purchasing a book in honor of Avala.  I will be donating ALL of my commission to Avala, and for every purchase made, I will donate one book to this sweet baby girl in hopes that it brings her some sunshine as she recovers from this awful illness. 

To make a purchase, simply click here, scroll to the bottom of the page, where you’ll see “Fundraiser For Avala,” click on “Support This Event,” and make a purchase.  All orders will be recorded through her fundraiser link so that I can then make a donation to Avala.

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