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Ten Years Ago…
09.12.11, 9:33 AM
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Ten years ago on 9/11… I didn’t have my children.  I didn’t have my husband.  Our home was another family’s home.  Little did I know I would move six more times until settling in Elizabethtown.  My resume consisted of working as Food Service Supervisor at Hersheypark.  My major was biology, and my biggest concern was getting to class on time.  My blog wasn’t even a thought. 

As Ryan and I sat together on the couch yesterday watching all of the tributes to 9/11 and reading everyone’s Facebook posts about not forgetting that tragic day, I realized how one day can so drastically affect the future memories we make.   The past ten years of my life are filled with memories that include the people I love the most.  For those who lost loved ones in the attacks on 9/11, their memories are quite different, and sadly don’t include some of the most important people in their lives.  

Though the past week has been a tough one at our house – water in our basement and garage, and having to put our sweet dog, Hailey, to sleep, it only took watching five minutes of 9/11 news coverage to make me realize how lucky I am to experience the moments of my life – good or bad, with the ones I love, and that it’s the people in our lives who make the memories worth remembering. 

I watched a young boy pay tribute to the father he never had the opportunity to meet.  I watched mothers cry for their sons and daughters as they sadly gazed at their engraved names.  I watched strangers embrace as they mourned together for those they lost.  I gasped at photos of wounded men and women.  I watched tears stream down the faces of men and women as they spoke about loved ones.  I saw thousands of people unite together in a city that will never be the same, strongly and proudly supported by a country that will never forget.

I can’t begin to imagine sitting here and hearing a loved one’s name read in remembrance while seeing their photo flashed across the bottom of the television screen.  The strength of these families is extraordinary, and we all have something to learn from them.  In addition to that, I am proud to be part of a country that continues to come together to honor all of those who lost their lives.  It says something about our ability not just as a nation, but as human beings to show compassion and love when it is needed most.  May the magnitude of 9/11 never be forgotton, and may we always outshine the destruction with a will to overcome, to remember, to rebuild, and to continue to love and support one another.

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