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10.03.11, 7:54 AM
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This Mommy is tired.  Almost too tired to blog, but the fact that I haven’t missed a single Monday post since the blog was born on October 12, 2009 is my motivation to keep the streak going.  If you’re one of my regular readers, you know that each Monday you can expect a.) a recap, complete with photos, of our weekend festivities, b.) featured titles from Barefoot Books, c.)  something news-related in the world of children’s books, or d.)  any combination of a., b. and c.

Today’s post is really none of the above.  Categorized by my lack of sleep and the annoying pain that developed in my neck on Saturday, today I am blogging simply to blog.  Here is a bunch of “this and that” information, which I hope you all find interesting. 

Latest excitement for the Marshmallow Kids:

Rydan and Lily are both ready for Halloween.  Costumes will remain a secret, but I think this may be Rydan’s coolest costume yet.  Lily’s costume hasn’t arrived in the mail yet, but it is super adorable.  *Fingers crossed that it fits our little peanut*

2nd Grade Recap:

Rydan is really enjoying his new school after his old one closed at the end of last year.  His classroom is full of all new friends, but he still sees his old friends at recess.  He tells me that he’s glad his new school has the same food as his old school, and that he enjoys the longer bus ride.  He has homework Monday through Thursday, which consists of reading for 10 minutes by himself, sorting words, and writing sentences in his notebook.  I’ve been amazed at how well he is reading, and the inflection he puts into his voice when he reads aloud is quite impressive.  Sometimes I have to giggle to myself when I listen to him. 

The Lily & Mommy Show:

Begins every weekday at 8:02am when Rydan gets on the bus and ends a few minutes after 4pm when he comes bursting through the door.  Lily loves to watch the bus come to pick up Rydan, and waves goodbye to her brother from the window.  Lily and I have been staying busy by going for lots of walks, visiting the playground, going to Baby Storytimes every Wednesday at the library, visiting the horses across the street, and we’ve recently joined the Etown Moms Club.  Last Friday was our first activity, which was a tour of Rita’s Italian Ice.  Lily loved playing with the other kids and  being able to sample different Rita’s flavors. 

News-related item:

I’ll be attending the Elizabethtown Library’s Craft Fair this coming Saturday (10/8), where I’ll be selling Barefoot Books alongside of Kindermusik with Carol Anne Friesen.  If you’re in the area, come out and visit us.

Next week’s post will be better… I promise. 


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This one is just as nice! It’s great to hear your voice shine through on this weekly blog…kudos for making it happen despite the tiredness and sore throat.

I hope you are feeling better soon! We miss our B family! xo

Comment by Kim

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