Marshmallow Mondays

Double The Trees
12.05.11, 7:44 AM
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Christmas spirit has arrived at the Buffington’s.  The question is… who will knock more ornaments off of the trees?  Louie or Lily?

If you’ve been a faithful follower of Marshmallow Mondays, you are well aware that we like to have not just one, but two Christmas trees in our home.  Our artificial tree stands by our big front window for cars to admire as they drive by, and our live tree stands in the corner of our family room for us to enjoy.

On Saturday, we made our annual visit to Frog Hollow Evergreens, picked up our saw and ventured out in search of a tree that would reach the ceiling.  We found quite a few beautiful trees, only to discover that each one we thought was the winner was actually tagged.  That’s my one pet peeve about cutting down our own tree… those annoying taggers!  However, it was such a beautiful day that we didn’t mind taking our time to browse through row after row of trees.  We ended up choosing a nice tall Concolor Fir, nearly all the way at the end of the field.  Rydan and Lily had a great time running through all of the trees together.  Lily kept tripping over the stumps, but picked herself right back up to chase after her brother.  Check out our photos below showing our weekend of tree hunting and decorating.

We began on Friday by decorating our artificial tree.

On Saturday morning, we cut down our Concolor Fir at Frog Hollow Evergreens.

We didn’t capture quite as many photos while decorating the Concolor, but as you can see, Rydan and Lily were both very active helpers.


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