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The First Gifts
12.19.11, 7:35 AM
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Our marshmallows had their first taste of Christmas.  On Saturday, Lola, Patrick, Tori and Brody came to visit and exchange gifts with us.  As always, we enjoyed good food, good conversation, and lots and lots of laughs.

Rydan was absolutely thrilled to receive his Dragon Universe lego set with accompanying Dragon Eggs, both straight from his wish book, and as an added bonus… a Burger King gift card!  Rydan wasted no time in putting his new lego set together, with hardly any help at all.  He spent most of the day yesterday playing with all of his new toys, and also asked if he could take one of his new dragons to school today to show off to his friends.

Lily first opened a Fisher Price Barnyard Playset, which she immediately pushed over to Daddy to open up and put together.  She also got a matching purse and wallet set, an elephant that spits balls out of its trunk, and a pink stuffed puppy dog.  If it were up to her, Lily would have opened up every single present in sight, whether they were hers or not.  She seemed more intrigued by the bows and wrapping paper than what was inside each gift.

Just before our visitors left for home, we were in for one last surprise. There was a knock at the door, which revealed a special holiday greeting… a group of Christmas carolers singing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas,” followed by “Silent Night.”  It was the perfect touch to our little holiday get-together.


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What wonderful good news!! My wife and I are SO-O-O happy for you and your beautiful family. May God’s blessings follow you on this new and exciting next stage in your life. Stay strong in your confidence and expectations. This couldn’t happen to four nicer people!

All our love,

Rev. John and Betsy Fordon

Comment by Rev. John Fordon

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