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Welcome To Kentucky!

We made it!  Our journey to Kentucky began on January 4, 2012 at 3:30am and ended at 1:30pm.  It included two stops for gas, a stop for breakfast and a stop for lunch.  Before we knew it, we had arrived at our new home.  Rydan rode along with Daddy and two plants, while Lily rode with Mommy, Louie and two more plants.  It was a safe trip for everyone, and both Rydan and Lily did fantastic in dealing with such a long time in the car.

Upon our arrival, we took a peek at our new rental home, which we had only seen pictures of, and met our new landlord.  We were very pleased with the home and actually let Louie spend the night there alone so that he could get some sleep after his long car ride while adjusting to the new location.  The rest of us spent the night at a hotel while the moving trucks continued on their trip to Lexington with all of our belongings.

The next morning we drove back to our new home to find the moving trucks had already arrived and begun to unload.  Mommy, Rydan and Lily drove to Rydan’s new school, Athens-Chilesburg Elementary, to register Rydan for school.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that the school was only a 2 minute drive from our home.  After picking up some paperwork and chatting with the very friendly school secretary, we headed back home to help unpack.

It was a very long day of unloading, sorting through boxes and trying to find homes for all of our belongings, but by 8pm that night everything was off of the truck and inside our house.  We also had our cable and Internet hooked up, which was the part of our relocation that Rydan was most looking forward to.  One of the first things he asked me when I informed him that we would be moving was, “Will I have cable in my new bedroom?”  Since he didn’t have cable in his Elizabethtown bedroom, this was a big deal for him.  As I type this paragraph (Friday evening), he is plopped on his Phillies bean bag chair in front of his television watching WWE Smackdown.

Overall, the move went fairly well, minus a few glitches with the moving company.  Somehow they managed to lose the parts needed to put Rydan’s bunk bed together, and they also broke Lily’s crib.  Ryan was able to fix Rydan’s bed himself after the movers left.  As for Lily’s crib, the movers decided to go buy her a new crib.  This would have been okay if they asked us for our opinion on the type of crib or color wood,  but instead they went to Walmart and chose a rather cheap looking crib in a wood that is about ten shades darker than her furniture.  I was a little frustrated over the crib situation, but still thankful that Lily had somewhere to sleep.  And since she’ll need a toddler bed eventually anyway, I suppose it’s not that big of a deal.

As for our neighborhood itself, it didn’t take long for us to experience our first taste of Southern hospitality.  Within two days, we had three of our neighbors come to our door to say hello and welcome us.  The first – an expecting mother and her son, the second – a mother and her two sons, and the third – a father and his son, who brought us homemade chocolate chip cookies.  We were so blown away by such kindness, and it really made us feel good to know that we have such friendly, caring neighbors.  Rydan really lucked out too, because there are so many boys his age.

Today, Ryan is off to his first day at Hinkle Contracting, and Rydan is off to his first day at his new school.  I think we are all anxious to get back to our normal routines and say goodbye to the relocation process.  So this morning we wished Daddy good luck on his first day, and then Lily and I drove Rydan to school so that he could meet his teacher.  I’ve been very impressed with Athens-Chilesburg Elementary so far, and this morning was no different.  Upon walking into the office, we were greeted by warm smiles and welcoming words.  The office ladies were expecting us and knew exactly who we were as we entered the building.  We were escorted to Rydan’s new classroom, where we were once again so kindly welcomed by his new teacher, Mrs. Brock.  My first impression of her was that she is very sweet, very patient, very enthusiastic, and her students adore her.  She showed Rydan to his desk, and he immediately began working on his morning math worksheet.  Mrs. Brock told me how excited all of the students, especially the boys, have been about Rydan’s arrival.  Rydan had a big smile on his face when I left, which eased my concerns and made me feel more comfortable about leaving him.  Now it’s back to the “Lily and Mommy Show,” and I’m finding myself breathing a big sigh of relief.  Lexington has truly welcomed us with open arms, and it feels great.

Tomorrow, Lily and I will be going to our first baby storytime at the library, and picking up our new library card.  The Lexington Public Library system is very impressive.  There are six library locations throughout Lexington, and each one has a calendar full of all types of fun events.  The location we’ll be visiting most often is conveniently just three miles from our home, and very close to the Joseph Beth Bookstore that I mentioned in last week’s post.

To our family and friends, we miss you already!  But, please know that we are safe, happy and looking forward to exploring Lexington and meeting new friends.  We’ve really been enjoying Skype, so if you don’t already have us on your contact list, be sure to add us!  Lily is particularly amusing when she skypes.

I know a lot of you are anxious to see photos of our new home and neighborhood.  We’ve spent the past four days trying to unpack and get settled, so hopefully by next week’s post we’ll have some pictures to share with all of you.  Stay tuned!


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Hi, Bridgit and Ryan,

So glad that it appears you’ll be continuing your Monday morning Marshmellow posts from Lexington! We’ll look forward to hearing about your settling-in process.

Rev. Fordon

Comment by Rev. John Fordon

Bridge I miss you guys so much! I am glad things have gone so well, minus the crib, and I am so proud of you for already venturing out to storytime. I am so bugged… computer will not run skype. I guess running for seven years has taken its tole on the thing! I will have to start saving for a new one. Have a great day…..hope to talk to you soon! Love you, Lauren

Comment by Lauren Shaak

When will you be exploring and blogging about the Keeneland Horsetrack?

Comment by thirstyguysports

Tori, I promise you that we’ll put that at the top of our priority list, and it will definitely appear on a future blog post. We need to scope it out before you come visit so that we can give you a proper tour!

Comment by Bridgit

Hi Bridgit,
I am so happy for you and your family–what a huge move over the holidays! I had ordered a set of books from you and worked with you at the Etown library event and just wanted to tell you that my twin grandsons absolutely loved the set of books. They listen to the CDs every day and know almost all of the words! I am so glad that I bought them! Good luck and I do enjoy reading your blog!

Sandy Melancon

Comment by Sandy Melancon

We love you!!!

Okay, this is the best. I was thinking of you the entire move day, sending good vibes for a pleasant and safe drive, fun driving music (beep! beep!), and smiles and memories for the B Family Historical Society. Or, for the adaptation of your life into a sitcom, maybe rom-com film? Anyway…this is just wonderful. I hope Ryan charmed Hinkle, sounds like Rydan is the best new friend on the block (not surprised!) and Lil is on her way to take the Southern throne. Excited to hear more about the Mommy show, like Lexington fashion and cute shops/cafes. I can’t wait to come visit! I miss you!!!

Love, love, love. xoxoxo

Comment by Kim

Forgot to mention how proud we are of you for taking a chance, making a change, and living life to its fullest.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Holland-Creason West Coast Experience

Comment by Kim

Bridgit –

Terrific update! You take me back to my Army Brat days, when Mum had our next unknown quarters turned into familiar home within hours – you’re great!

Lexington sounds really promising. You are missed here, but no doubt happy adventure awaits you there!


Comment by Tracey Meloni

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