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Lexington “Likes”

Now that we’ve settled back into our normal routines and the chaotic move is behind us, we’ve started to explore Lexington.  We are finding it very convenient that we have so many shops, restaurants and family-friendly places to visit within just minutes of our home.  Here are a few of our “likes” so far.

Old Chicago

We visited here for dinner last Thursday, and all of us really enjoyed it.  The pizza was very fresh, not overdone and the service was of course very southern.  Rydan enjoyed his own kid-sized pizza topped with sauage and devoured the entire thing.  Lily loved her pizza so much that she refused to part with it, and continued nibbling on it in the car. 

Monkey Joe’s

Even though Pennsylvania has Monkey Joe’s, there wasn’t a location convenient to our home, so this was our first time visiting in Lexington.  What a fun time!  We stopped by Monkey Joe’s after our pizza dinner.  Rydan immediately took off and began jumping around on the oversized inflatable bounce obstacle courses and play centers.  Lily loved going down the slide on Mommy’s lap, as well as having such a big open floor to run around and play.  As we were getting ready to leave, Rydan said “I wanna come back here tomorrow.  This place is awesome.”  We may need to look into the frequent visitor plan.

Spalding’s Bakery

This sweet-smelling shop is filled with people just as sweet.  Recommended by one of our Pennsylvania friends, it reminded me of my frequent visits with my mom to Mitchell’s Bakery when I was a little girl.  Hopeful that Spalding’s would give me the same opportunity to now take my own kids for a tasty baked donut, Lily and I paid a visit on Friday morning.  We were warmly greeted by a kind man behind the counter who filled a bag for us with a half dozen donuts – two glazed, two apple fritters and two creme-filled.  Just before leaving, a very sweet elderly lady stopped us and began talking to Lily.  When I told her that  this was our first visit to Spalding’s, she immediately invited us back to thekitchen and introduced us to some of the bakers, which included her granddaughter and baby grandson, who was relaxed in his carrier.  “He likes to watch the mixer,” she told us, as the little guy gazed up at us with big blue eyes.  Once again, I felt overwhelmed with such genuine kindness from people who really seem to care about making me feel welcome.  As for the donuts themselves, they were a big hit at home. 

Enjoying their Spalding's donuts.

The Explorium of Lexington

This was our Saturday morning activity, conveniently located just 15 minutes from our home.  Filled with all sorts of fun, hands-on educational activities for kids, Rydan and Lily had a great time exploring all of the discovery zones.  It was perfect for Rydan’s creative mind and offered Lily an engaging enviroment where she could do what she does best… be curious.  Located in the heart of Downtown Lexington, this gave us an opportunity to check out things to see and do on future weekends. 

So as you can see, we’ve been busy!  Expect more posts like this one coming soon as we continue to explore our new town.  You’ll notice that I’ve added a new catagory on the bottom right entitled “The Buffington Southern Experience” (inspired by the “Holland Creason West Coast Experience”).  Here you’ll find all of our posts about Lexington.

Also provided by my best friend on the West Coast is a quote that really puts our relocation to Kentucky into perspective.  I think about this statement daily, because it motivates me to keep climbing that staircase and exploring everything that comes along with each step.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Love! The last paragraph was such a sweet surprise. My favorite photos are Rydan on the Moon, of course, and Lily roaming the Earth with dinosaurs. An Apatosaurus, I believe? That was one of my favorites.

Step-by-step, ooo baby. 😀

Comment by kim

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