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We’ve had another busy week in Lexington!

Our biggest news is that we now have our own karate kid.  Rydan began taking lessons last Monday at Sid Nelson’s Taekwondo America.  After his first class, I was amazed at how well he did.  He really gave it his all, and I was so impressed at how serious he took everything.  In no time at all, he was yelling “ai!” right along with the other students.  His second class was no different, as he continued to listen well and focus on his instructor.  By the third class, he received his very first “focus stripe” by raising his hand and correctly answering a karate-related question.  As he stood up to receive his stripe, I saw him turn and look to make sure I had seen his big moment. As I smiled and gave him a big thumbs up, I found myself having a little moment myself.  I was already so proud of him, but to see that it was a big deal to him that I saw him receive his stripe really touched my heart.  I can already see that these lessons are going to be great for Rydan in so many ways.  He is learning about respect, focus, working with others, and gaining physical and mental strength.  It’s really something to see these kids encourage one another not to give up and to maintain a positive attitude.  By his fourth class, he had earned his second focus stripe as well as his first taekwondo stripe. (Photos coming soon!)

We’ve also been enjoying some warmer weather the past few days, which gave us the opportunity to visit Jacobson Park.  What a fun, relaxing and beautiful place!  The park itself has a huge wooden castle, which sits next to a large lake.  There’s a wooden walking bridge across the lake, which allows you to feed the ducks.  This was by far Lily’s favorite part.  She blew kisses to the ducks and kept reaching as though she wanted to swim with them.  One of Rydan’s classmates just happened to be at the park when we arrived, so he was even more excited to have someone he knew to play with.

On Tuesday we attended a neighborhood baby shower and met Baby Carter, a 4-pound beautiful little boy.  Rydan had a fun time making valentines with a few neighborhood friends, and Lily hung out with Mommy and the girls while they ate cheesecake and admired Baby Carter.  Thank you, Nicole, for inviting us!  We had a wonderful time, and it was a great opportunity to meet more of our neighbors.  We’ve also been enjoying that leftover cheesecake all week long!

The warm weather also allowed Rydan and Lily to spend some time playing outside in the backyard.  Here are a few photos of them enjoying the sunshine, as well as a few photos of our rental home and neighborhood.


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Aw….I teared up thinking about Rydan looking back at you! What a great moment for you both. And Lily looks so stylish in the outfit she was wearing at the park! I am so proud of you Bridgit! You have made Lexington home. I am so glad that you are all so happy there! (You are still greatly missed here!)

Comment by Lauren Shaak

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