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Mailed From PA

A little while ago, Rydan received a large envelope in the mail.  Since I already knew what was inside, I was anxious for him to open it up.  When he looked at the return address, he noticed that it was from his school in Pennsylvania.  After giving me a funny look, he opened up the envelope and found handwritten letters from his teacher and classmates at Rheems Elementary.  As we sat down together to read each letter, Rydan’s eyes lit up when he saw who each letter was from.  He giggled at some of the things each student wrote, and I could see his young mind reminiscing about the fun times he had with his old friends.  Many of the students asked what Rydan got for Christmas, how he likes Kentucky, and what the name of his new school is.  It was a really thoughtful way for his teacher to let Rydan know that he was a special part of her class, and that he is missed.  I also thought the whole project was a great way to teach her class about life changes that are sometimes out of a child’s control, such as a move to a new state.

This package put a huge smile on Rydan’s face, and for that I want to say thank you to all of the students in Mrs. Adams’ second grade class at Rheems Elementary.  Rydan felt so special to know that you all spent time writing such thoughtful letters to him.  He still talks about all of you quite a bit and misses each of you!

I also want to say another huge thank you to Mrs. Adams.  For Rydan, our move to Kentucky has been a very positive experience, but Ryan and I can’t take one hundred percent of the credit for that.  His teachers, past and present, have played a big role in encouraging Rydan and reassuring him that he would be just fine in his new school and new home.  Because of your enthusiasm, you’ve helped Rydan adjust to life in Kentucky smoother than we ever could have imagined.


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I am sitting here with tears running down my face. That was so nice of his teacher to put together. I am so glad that Rydan got to experience that feeling. I want to be able to see his beaming face the next time that we skype and hear about all the things he has done since you guys have gotten there. Great post today!

Comment by Lauren Shaak

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