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Garden Fun

We had beauuuu-ti-ful weather in Lexington this past weekend.  In fact, we barely saw Rydan on Saturday because he was outside playing with neighborhood friends from morning until dark.  He even missed lunch, which, if you Rydan… missing an opportunity to eat is extremely out of character.  We were happy to see him making more friends, though, and he seemed to be having the time of his life as always.

Lily has been fighting a cold for a few days, but even she was eager to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  She went on a few walks with Mommy and then had a great time watching the big kids while running up and down the sidewalk.

Yesterday’s weather was even warmer, so we paid a visit to The Kentucky Children’s Garden. Even though things weren’t quite in bloom yet, we still had a lot of fun exploring.  Rydan and Lily each had an obvious favorite part of the Garden.  Rydan enjoyed lounging by the small pond, which offered the opportunity to pretend fish.  As always, we found him chatting away and making friends within minutes.

Lily just couldn’t get enough of the life-size painted horse near the entrance.  No matter where we went, her eyes always traveled back to the horse, and she continually made a bee line for it whenever we got too far away.  Ryan couldn’t have been offered a new job in a better state.  Our daughter is so in love with horses.

Here are a few highlights of our day at the Garden…


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Love the photos! Rydan’s fish pretending is all I want to do today.

In color, Lily’s sweater is identical to the painted horse! LOVE. I may have to start dressing this way.

Looking forward to seeing the garden in bloom. xo!

Comment by Kim

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