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Lily was in love

with all of the beautiful horses at the Kentucky Horse Park.  What a great time we had visiting this amazing place on Saturday.  Known as “the heart of the horse capital of the world,” this park is truly a must see.  We of course saw lots of horses… big horses, little horses, horses from around the world, white horses, black horses, and the most exciting of all… the Hall Of Champion horses.

First on our schedule was a show called Horses of the World, where we learned about 5 horses from different parts of the world.  Each horse pranced around while the announcer educated the audience on the horse’s origin.  After the show, there was a “meet and greet” with each horse.  Lily particularly loved this opportunity.

After that we took a horse-drawn trolley ride around the horse park and learned even more about the history of the park.  Meet Andy and Ty, our “drivers!”

We then had some fun in the Kids Barn, which was filled with all sorts of fun interactive and educational exhbits to enjoy. Lily brushed one of the miniature horses, and Rydan learned how many “hands” he is.  (Horses are measured in hands.  Who knew?)

The last highlight of our trip was probably the most exciting.  We had the opportunity to meet four horses in the Hall Of Champions.  It was really intriguing to listen to each horse’s story and watch some footage of their winning races.  Each one was so unique, and you couldn’t help but smile and applaud these horses as they each came out to meet the crowd.  We sat in the front row, so it was quite a treat to be that close to these champions and look them in the eye as they stopped to pose in front of us.  Lily couldn’t stop squealing and pointing at them.  For those of you who follow horse racing (Tori Miller), you can click on the horse photos below (all except Go For Gin) for more information on their accomplishments, earnings and history.  

1994 Kentucky Derby Winner

Only horse to win two Breeder's Cup Races in non-consecutive years.

2003 Kentucky Derby Winner

16 consecutive wins & all-time leading money winner at retirement ($9,999,815!)

We also saw the memorials of Alysheba and John Henry, two special horses in the Memorial Walk Of Champions.  Even if you’re not a big horse fan, click on these two photos and read their stories.  Their journeys and accomplishments are so fascinating and really touch your heart.  For example, would you guess that after being born in Kentucky, Alysheba spent his first eight years of life in Saudi Arabia, and was then gifted back to Kentucky by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia?

1987 Kentucky Derby Winner

Only horse to win Horse Of The Year more than once, but in non-consecutive years.

And here are just a few more fun photos from our visit.


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What a great post today! I am sure it was so much fun seeing Lily and Rydan react so well to the horses! Sounds like it was a good weekend!

Comment by Lauren Shaak

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