Marshmallow Mondays

Mailed From PA: Part 2

More Mail!!!

After posting Mailed From PA (Part 1), I emailed the link to Mrs. Adams to show her that Rydan had received her students’ letters.  She responded by saying that she put that blog post up on her projector in class, so that all of the students could see it.  She also showed them the Valentine’s Day post of Rydan and Lily making valentines.  The students were so excited to see photos of Rydan and insisted that they write more letters to him.

When I told Rydan about the email from Mrs. Adams, he was very excited and decided to write a letter back to his friends.  He told them about his new school, karate lessons, what he’s learning in school, and most importantly, that even though he’s made new friends, he still misses his old friends and hopes they are doing well.

Rydan received the second round of letters earlier this month, and was absolutely thrilled to read more from his friends at Rheems.

To all of Rydan’s friends at Rheems – thank you so much for taking the time to write more letters to Rydan.  You all are the best, and you make Rydan very happy when he reads your letters.  He is so lucky to have an entire classroom of pen pals!


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