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Happy Easter In Kentucky


This Easter is the first in my entire life that I haven’t celebrated with family dinners and egg hunts hosted by some very creative grandparents.  It’s a little bittersweet in that I was sad to not be with our famlies in Pennsylvania, but I have to admit it was also kind of nice to not have to go anywhere and just enjoy the day with my husband and kids.

Because we are nine hours away from home (Pennsylvania is and will always be home), Rydan and Lily knew they would be receiving multiple packages in the mail from their very thoughtful and loving friends and family.  The first to arrive was on Thursday.  Rydan received a very special treat from our favorite candy store in Elizabethtown, Spence Candies.   We visited here often as a reward for Rydan doing his chores or getting good grades on his tests.  His candy of choice hardly ever changed.  It was always either a chocolate covered rice crispy treat or a caramel choclate-covered pretzel rod.  Since owner Wendie Spence knew this, she so kindly mailed Rydan one of each for Easter.  Thank you, Wendie, for giving Rydan such a sweet piece of home!  We sure do miss visiting you, and have yet to find a similar candy store in Lexington.

Also to arrive on Thursday was a box from The Popcorn Factory, sent to Rydan by his Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Brett.  Rydan opened the package while skyping with them, so that they could see his excitement at what was inside.  They definitely know what Rydan likes.  This was a big bunny tin filled with various flavored bags of popcorn, pretzels, cookies and other sweet treats.

The third to arrive on Thursday were two packages from Pap Wiest, one for Rydan and one for Lily.  As the boxes sat on the dining room table all afternoon, Rydan and Lily anxiously awaited their Skype session that evening with Pap Wiest, so that he could watch them open their boxes.  Rydan received a Lego Power Rangers Samauri, an Adidas outfit, which he was “more excited about than any outfit in the world,” socks, and candy galore.  Lily opened up two new summer dresses, sidewalk chalk, bunny barrets, socks and a bubble gun.

On Friday, two MORE packages arrived.  Rydan and Lily opened up Easter gifts from Lola, which included a new WWE t-shirt, a WWE magazine, gummies, and the movie Hop for Rydan, and a Barbie doll, new books, a toy horse, and some building blocks for Lily.  Once again, they skyped with Lola while opening their packages.

On Saturday we took Rydan and Lily to their first egg hunt in Kentucky, which was held at Rydan’s school.  They both were extremely excited and came home with baskets full of eggs.  Lily had 12 and Rydan had 31.

Lily was so proud of her eggs.

On Easter morning, Lily was the first to wake up, so after she got Rydan out of bed, we all came downstairs wondering if the Easter Bunny knew we had moved.  Rydan assured us that he stopped at every house, and he was right.  There on the chair, were six baskets filled with goodies, three for Rydan and three for Lily.

Rydan immediately saw the red Under Armour shoes that he’s had his eye for weeks.  After that, he noticed the Lego Ideas book propped against the pillow behind his baskets.  He couldn’t have been more thrilled.  Also in his baskets were three pair of new shorts, a t-shirt, colored bath tablets, a bag of Smores Goldfish, a box of hot chocolate, and of course a variety of candy.  As for Lily, the only things she cared about were the teddy graham filled eggs in her baskets.  She wasted zero time opening those up and eating the teddy grahams.  After some time, she discovered a pair of bunny slippers, which she wanted to wear right away, and a new bunny cup.  Also in her baskets were a new swimming suit with matching sun hat, two new sun dresses, a bubble wand, an Elmo bath book, a drawing tablet, and some bubble bath.

For breakfast, it was bunny pancakes and turkey bacon!

We spent the rest of the day outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  Rydan was off in his new red shoes playing with the neighbor kids, while Lily played with Mommy and Daddy in the yard.  She enjoyed her very first wagon ride and also took a few spins on Rydan’s old tricycle.

This is how she sat the entire ride.

Overall, our first Easter in Kentucky was fun, super relaxed and filled with sunshine.  It is definitely one that I will always remember.


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