Marshmallow Mondays


It’s official… Rydan is now a yellow belt! 

On Saturday, he experienced his very first belt test at Sid Nelson’s Taekwondo America Academy.  After practicing and perfecting his form for weeks, we were so proud to watch him test in front of the judges, his fellow students, and all of the parents who came to support their kids.  The test consisted of performing a 14-move pattern, sparring with a partner and correctly answering a trivia question about taekwondo.  Students tested in groups of four.  Rydan didn’t appear nervous at all, and eagerly stepped right up when his instructor called his name as part of the first group to test.  I’d watched him do this pattern so many times in class and at home, so I felt just as confident as he did, and extremely proud of him for the journey he’s taken so far with Taekwondo.

Warming up.

Bowing, ready to begin.


Getting ready to spar.

Check out that leg!

An awards ceremony was held last evening, where all students who passed the belt test were awarded with new belts.  Students were called one by one to receive their new belt from Mr. Nelson.

Doing some punches to kick off the ceremony.


Trying on the new color.

Congratulations, Rydan!  We are so proud of you for working hard, practicing so much, listening so well, believing in yourself, and for being such a good role model to Lily.  What an awesome accomplishment!  We look forward to many more award ceremonies just like this one.  WE LOVE YOU!


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Love all the pictures! Got a little teared up! He has transitioned so well into your new community, which isn’t at all suprising do to his strong personality and your love and guidance/support! What proud “mom moments” you must have had in the last week! Love you all, “Big and Small!”

Comment by Lauren Shaak

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