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Simon’s Silver Smile
04.23.12, 8:55 AM
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It’s no secret that I love childrens’ books.  Unless you’ve read my blog, it might be a secret that I’ve written a few myself.  One of them, titled Simon’s Silver Smile, has recently been fully illustrated by my very talented friend, Kelly Griffith. 

Kelly and I met through a mutual friend a few years ago.  When I learned that one of the items on her “bucket list” was to illustrate a childrens’ book, I couldn’t wait to talk to her about collaborating.  After our first meet up at Borders, I was so blown away by her portfolio and knew she was the perfect match for my story.  It took some time, but Kelly and I are proud to say that our book is complete.  Now all we need is a publisher.  As an unpublished writer, this is quite a difficult task.  I’ve made a few attempts, but those rejection letters are really heartbreaking.  Hopefully this post gives me a boost of motivation to keep trying.  If anyone has some advice, I’d love to hear it.

The message of Simon’s Silver Smile is simple.  It’s about treating friends with respect and kindness no matter what our differences are.  When I watch stories about bullying on the news, I find it so disturbing that kids are treating one another with such cruelty.  It’s gone beyond verbal abuse, and I just don’t understand where these young children get the idea that they have the right to treat another child with such brutality. 

All of my manuscripts have been inspired by real life experience, and Simon’s Silver Smile is no different.  At one point in our childhood, my brothers and I all experienced the joy of wearing braces, and I still remember not wanting to talk or smile the first time I walked into school with my braces.  Simon’s Silver Smile is about what it’s like to look different.

The entire manuscript for this story can be found underneath My Work from the left hand column.  Until now, no one (other than my husband), has seen Kelly’s final illustrations. I’ve chosen to reveal a few of them today because they really bring the story to life, and hopefully someone out there can help push us in the right direction when it comes to getting this book published.


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Congratulations on your book! The illustrations look fantastic. Best wishes on getting it out there. Kids need books like these to understand it is great to be different!

Comment by Stacy Miller

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