Marshmallow Mondays

A Weekend At Keeneland

This past weekend we paid not one but two visits to Keeneland.  In case you aren’t familiar, Keeneland is an esteemed Thoroughbred racetrack and auction company in Lexington, KY.

Our Saturday visit was to celebrate the Kentucky Derby.  What a sight to see!  Keeneland was packed with lots of open wallets, women in fancy hats, Mint Juleps (a popular Southern cocktail), live music, over 1,000 television screens, and lots of fun for the kids.  With 15-20,000 people in attendance, this was the best place to be on Derby Day, next to Louisville of course. 

Here are some of the highlights of our afternoon.

Rydan stuffed his own horse using this red machine. By turning the crank, he filled his horse with stuffing.

Rydan & Lily each made their very own Derby hat.

Rydan’s airbrushed horse tattoo.

Checking out the track.

And then there were the pony rides…

As much as she loves horses, Lily wasn’t too sure about the ride, but she calmed down after the first initial shock of sitting on her pony.

Rydan chose the big horse, and had a great time on his ride.

Our Sunday visit was for my second 5K Run.  The Fondant 5K was hosted by Sweet Blessings, a non-profit organization that creates happy birthdays and unforgettable cakes for 5-14 year-olds living in poverty or with a life threatening illness.  Please take some time to visit Sweet Blessings’ website and read about the children they are reaching with their cakes.  It is truly touching and inspiring to read about these sweet children.

As for the 5K itself, it was HOT.  Running in 85 degrees at 4pm is quite a challenge.  I really was just relieved to finish this one without giving in to the strong desire to walk.  The intense heat made me feel as if I was suffocating while running, and the finish line just couldn’t come soon enough.  This one also wasn’t timed, so I really have no idea where I came in, except that it was somewhere under 30 minutes. 

Pre-Race. Lily was too distracted by the balloons to look at the camera.


Approaching the finish line.

This is what Rydan and Lily did while Mommy ran.

They ate ice cream.

And Rydan enjoyed some fun in the Blue Bell bounce house.

This is the benefit of running to support an organization that makes cakes.

First ice cream, now a cupcake to celebrate Mommy crossing the finish line.

Lily also got her first rub-on tattoo.

Thank you, Keeneland for providing us with a fun weekend!  And of course CONGRATULATIONS to I’ll Have Another, winner of the Kentucky Derby 2012.


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