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It’s Good To Be A Mommy
05.14.12, 8:55 AM
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To all of my Mommy readers, I hope you all had a very special Mother’s Day! 

On Friday, Rydan came home from school with a “bouquet” of flowers made out of his hands and three chocolate-covered strawberries for me.  He had strict instructions, though… I was not allowed to eat the strawberries until Mother’s Day.

Then yesterday, Ryan and the kids surprised me with cards, the newest book from my favorite author, a letter “B” bookmark, and a gift card to a day spa here in Lexington.  This Mommy is so looking forward to a much needed visit to the spa.  What a perfect gift.  We also enjoyed dinner at Applebee’s followed by some Orange Leaf frozen yogurt, where all mommies received half off. 

Rydan also wrote a letter to me at school, which he kept in his backpack until Mother’s Day.

It reads “Dear Mom, Mom I love you and you love me. Have a Happy Mother’s Day. So if you love me hug me. Sincerely, Rydan.”

In honor of Mother’s Day, I want to call attention to a book that Lily recently discovered.  It’s called Thank you, God For Mommy, by Amy Parker.  I believe it was gifted to Lily at my baby shower, but there is no inscription, so if the person who bought the book is reading this, please let me know.  I want to thank you!  Lily and I have been reading this book daily for the past two weeks. 

If you don’t have this one in your collection, go buy it! In the book, a little panda thanks God for all of the special things his mommy does – from the hugs to the lullabies to the boo-boo kisses,  the message of this book is simple but oh so powerful, as it focuses on a mommy’s unconditional love for her children. 

Motherhood is without a doubt the best thing that’s ever happened to me.  It’s taught me so many things, but my top three would be 1.) patience 2.) a new depth of love, and 3.) to appreciate time.  I don’t know that any woman ever completely masters being a mother, but there’s something inside of us that makes us able to adapt to our children’s needs and be the best we can be each day.  In doing so, we learn as we go and we become better.  There certainly are days where I feel like a failure, or where I go to bed not remembering what I did all day long, but simply knowing that my kids are healthy and happy reminds me that I’m doing at least something right.  It only takes a “Love you” from Rydan or feeling Lily’s tiny arms wrapped so tightly around my neck to remind me how happy and fulfilled these two little people have made me.  So my message to the mommies reading right now is this… give yourself the credit you deserve, take a breath, hug your little ones, and remember that your children adore you just the way you are. 

Thank you, Rydan and Lily, for making my life so meaningful every single day.  I love you!


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