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How Full Is Your Bucket?

Recently, Rydan was given a new book called How Full Is Your Bucket?  The book was from one of my very thoughtful Pennsylvania friends, the same friend who I talked about in last week’s post who offered to take a red rose to my pap’s grave on Memorial Day.  She is always thinking about us in Lexington, and sent Rydan a special packge after he passed his yellow belt test in Taekwondo.  The package included lots of goodies for him, including this new book.

How Full Is Your Bucket? is about our invisible buckets.  When our buckets are full, we feel great.  When our buckets are empty, we feel awful.  The story teaches kids that every interaction in a day either fills or empties their buckets, and in turn, everything that kids say or do to others will fill or empty their buckets too.  By the end of the story, kids realize how to be good bucket fillers, while discovering that filling someone else’s bucket also fills their own.

Because my Pennsylvania friend is so thoughtful, she didn’t just send Rydan the book.  She included five buckets – a yellow one for Rydan, a pink one for Lily, an orange one for me, a blue one for Ryan, a small family bucket – and a jar of pebbles to fill the buckets.   She then wrote Rydan a special letter explaining how we, as a family, can fill each other’s buckets.  In doing so, we are all recognizing one another’s good choices, helpful actions, and important accomplishments.

If you haven’t read this book with your kids, I highly recommend it.  The story has a great message about positive and negative interactions, and gets kids to think about how the people around them feel.  Teaching kids how their words and actions affect themselves and others is not the easiest task, but this book explains the lesson in a fun, kid-friendly way.

How many buckets have YOU filled today?


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That is such a cute idea, I love that book!! Happy Summer 🙂

Comment by laura wiest

I am so glad you guys enjoyed the book and I hope the activity helps to reinforce its message. I love you guys!

Comment by Lauren Shaak

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