Marshmallow Mondays

Back in PA!

We’re here!  And it feels just like it always did… like home.

I left for Pennsylvania at 4:30am on Saturday with two kids, but without my better half.  Unfortunately, Ryan has a business trip to Salt Lake City this week and won’t arrive in Pennsylvania until late Thursday night.  So, it was just me, the kids and the road.  I was extremely nervous about this 9 hour trip on my own. What if I get lost?  What if Lily screams for hours and hours?  What if one of them gets sick?  What if my car breaks down? 

I am very happy and proud to report that none of those things happened.  Our trip was nothing but smooth sailing.  We had a quick stop for gas at 6:30am followed by a stop for breakfast and a stop for lunch.  I kept waiting for Lily to get antsy, but since it wasn’t happening I figured I would just keep driving.  Before we knew it, we had arrived.  Everything all of a sudden went from unfamiliar to familiar.  It was like I had never left. 

With an arrival time of 2:15pm, we had lots of time to visit before the day was done.  Our first stop was Nana and Pap Buff’s, where we’re staying for the duration of our visit.  There is truly nothing like watching your kids give their grandparents hugs after a long six months apart.  It just melted my heart.  Lily and Rydan were running all over Nana and Pap’s house in no time, giggling and playing. 

Later that evening, we were able to see Pap Wiest, Grandma Wiest, as well as the Ney clan.  I can’t lie… I wasn’t too sure how Lily would take to everybody after a whole six months, but she definitely suprised me.  Her usual shyness and hesitation seemed to disappear.  It still took her a minute to warm up to everyone, but not nearly as long as usual.  I was so happy to see her giving hugs and kisses and being the sweet, silly, busy little girl that I know her to be.

Yesterday we had lunch with one of my favorite Pennsylvania friends, Lauren.  It was so refreshing to see someone who knows me so well and to catch up in person rather than via email or Skype.  After that, we spent the rest of the day at the Ney’s, where Aunt Neese spoiled Rydan and Lily with cookies and pizza.  Rydan also had a fun time riding on a four-wheeler with one of the neighbor boys.  By the end of the night, I had two extremely filthy kids, but they’d had such a fun day. 

We have a lot of plans on our agenda while we’re here in Pennsylvania, including a visit to Hershey, swimming, lunches with some of my favorite friends, dinners with family, and a visit to Lake Tobias.  Today we are spending some quality time with Nana, Aunt Jill and Cousin Bryar.

Ryan, I wish you were here!  We miss you already and are looking forward to your arrival on Thursday night.  Rydan and Lily send you lots of hugs and kisses.  Take care of my Lou-Man!  I love you!

Since we’ll be leaving for Lexington on Monday, July 2nd, please note that next week’s post will be delayed until Tuesday, July 3rd.  Look forward to a complete recap and lots of photos from our first trip back to PA.


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