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PA Recap

Well, after a nine day visit in Pennsylvania, we are back home in Lexington.  Our visit was exactly what I needed… some good quality time with my family and friends.  Before I go any further, I have to say a HUGE thank you to Nana and Pap Buff for letting us stay at their house for the duration of our visit.  Rydan and Lily pretty much took over the house with their toys, high energy, and constant hungry bellies.  Nana and Pap, we love and appreciate you so much for everything you did during our stay… the cooking, the laundry, the games, the laughs… we couldn’t have asked for more. 

As for how we spent our time in PA, I could probably devote the next four or five Monday posts to all of the fun things we did.  Of course I won’t, but instead here are a few photos highlighting some of the special moments and fun activities. 

Hanging out with Nana.

Storytime with Cousin Bryar.

A play date with a special friend, Amelia.

Besides having a safe road trip, one of my top priorities while in PA was to take a red rose to my pap at Fort Indiantown Gap.  If you follow my blog, you’ll recall my Memorial Day post, where I wrote about not being able to make my annual visit this year due to being in Lexington.  Lily hadn’t yet been to my pap’s grave site, so she and I made a special Mommy-Daughter trip together.  We picked up a red rose at the grocery store, but when I arrived to my pap’s section at Fort Indiantown Gap, my heart sunk when I saw three workers re-sodding his entire section.  So instead of just leaving, I took Lily over to the beautiful stone monument that sits on the memorial grounds.  That was our way of “visiting” with my pap.  It was such a beautiful day, and as I watched Lily explore the fountains and beautiful stone architecture, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace.  I know that my pap was there, smiling down on us.

Storytime with Pap Wiest.

A visit to one of my favorite places, Hershey Gardens.

I used to bring Rydan here on our “Monday” get togethers when he was younger, and he always loved the misting kisses.

While in Hershey, we of course had to make a stop at Chocolate World.

While Rydan visited with his Grandma and Grandpa on Friday, Ryan, Lily and I took a trip to Lake Tobias with Lola, Patrick and Aunt Tori. Lily absolutely loved seeing all of the animals. We toured the grounds on foot and then took a safari ride to see even more wildlife.

These zebras were so cool!

Feeding the goats in the petting zoo.

The safari ride.

As you can see, we were busy.  Even with all of that fun, I really did miss my Lexington friends.  To all of the Walnut Ridge ladies, it’s good to be back!  I am looking forward to seeing all of you and catching up on the past week.  A special congratulations to Ty and Stefan on the birth of their second child!  Baby Wyatt was born just two days before we left for our trip, so we missed seeing them.  Lily and I met Baby Wyatt yesterday, and he is simply precious.  What a proud big brother he has too!

Now that our trip is over, I realized something while driving back to Lexington.  Even though Pennsylvania has always been my home, Lexington is starting to feel like home too.  We’ve been here for six months now, and this was our first visit back to PA.  I was worried that I wouldn’t want to leave, and that the goodbyes would be tearful just like when we moved in January.  I didn’t know if I could handle all of that again.  Surprisingly, I was okay.  I won’t lie; I choked a little bit on Sunday when saying goodbye to my dad, but I think that might always happen.  However, now sitting here on the couch in Lexington with Ryan next to me, I can reflect on our PA visit with a smile while knowing that I have new memories I wouldn’t otherwise have if we hadn’t taken the leap to relocate.  Instead of feeling lonely and depressed in a strange state, I am looking forward to our next visit to PA while knowing that in the meantime, I have some really wonderful friends in Lexington and a lot of things on my “to-do” list to keep me busy. 

Pennsylvania… it’s been fun!  Thank you for showing us such a good time.  I hope the Buffingtons brought some southern hospitality to ya’ll.


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“Pap Wiest”! If that didn’t age me a second, I don’t know what will. He’ll always be “Bridgit’s Dad” to me. 😉

Glad you are feeling settled in the new state now! Takes a bit, but it’s funny how going home makes you realize you like the other place too. I had the same thing with California when I came back for your wedding!

Comment by Addie Manis (@AdicaRoy)

Hey Bridgit,

I was thinking of you today for some reason and thought I’d try to look you up on Facebook, but couldn’t find you on there, but I came across this post online and thought I’d say hello. This is your old neighbor/friend from Andy from Hershey 48 West Caracas Ave. Looks like you’ve been very busy since I last saw you. So sorry for your loss; hope you’re hanging in there. Take care!


Comment by Andy Penezic

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