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07.09.12, 8:16 AM
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It’s July 9th.  It’s a Monday, and I’m 30

Normally I wouldn’t call attention to my birthday, but since it just so happened to fall on a Monday, why not turn it into a blog post?  I’ll only turn 30 once anyway, so let’s write about it.

Like most days, I’m not sure what the day has in store, but my goal is to simply have a “Happy” Birthday.  Doing so shouldn’t be all that difficult when I have two fantastic kids to spend the day with me.  This past weekend I did a little reflecting on things that make me happy, so that when today rolled around and the idea of being 30 was all of a sudden a reality, I was prepared to make it a “happy” day.  So today, at 30 years old, I thought I would share the top thirty things that make me happy.

In no particular order…

  1. When Ryan, Rydan and Lily are all healthy.
  2. When my kids laugh uncontrollably.
  3. Mid-week sushi dates with Ryan.
  4. Watching Lily read a book to herself.
  5. My Saturday morning Spin Class.
  6. Phone calls from friends in Pennsylvania.
  7. Orange Leaf.
  8. Morning coffee on the weekened with Ryan.
  9. Trying new recipes.
  10. Pinterest.
  11. My time with Ryan after the kids go to bed.
  12. When Rydan gets a stripe or breaks wood at Taekwondo.
  13. Watching Lily run to Ryan when he gets home from work every day.
  14. Reading before bed.
  15. Skype.
  16. Being a stay-at-home mom.
  17. Surprises.
  18. Capturing photos of my kids.
  19. Weekend outings with my husband and kids.
  20. Painting my nails.
  21. Gift giving.
  22. Tight hugs.
  23. Being appeciated.
  24. Massages.
  25. When Lily sleeps in.
  26. Rydan’s “love you” after every snack, meal and before bedtime.
  27. Being a wife.
  28. Blogging.
  29. Watching Lily dance.
  30. Feeling loved.

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YAY! Welcome to your thirties! Happy birthday, dear B 🙂

Comment by Amanda

Hi, Bridgit,

How much you’ve grown and matured since Hershey and my memory of a lovely but quite shy and diffident young lady. Amazing what marriage, motherhood, a loving family and new experiences can do for one’s self-confidence. Way to go!

Rev. Fordon

Comment by Rev. John Fordon

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