Marshmallow Mondays

New Experience, New Friends

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to play polo with some new friends at the Bluegrass Polo Club.  I was slightly hesitant, simply because the only time I was ever on a horse was in Jamaica during an excursion on our honeymoon.  But, this was one of those chances that I didn’t want to pass up.  After all, I’m not in Pennsylvania anymore.  I might as well take advantage of a fun Kentucky activity with some really fun, wonderful ladies who were kind enough to include me in their Mom’s Night Out.  I was so glad that they did!

It was a beautiful night with some beautiful horses, and lots of laughs.  None of us are polo pros by any means, but it was so nice to do something so different.  To my surprise, it ended up being easier to ride and steer the horse than it was to actually hit the ball.  I definitely lucked out with my horse.  His name was Rolex, and he actually plays polo for the University of Kentucky.  I’m sure he was laughing at my polo skills, but he certainly didn’t show it.  He was a pure gentleman.

Thank you, ladies, for inviting me to play! It was such a treat to meet some new friends and take part in such a Kentucky-like activity.  It made Lexington feel even more like home.


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