Marshmallow Mondays

Party Time!

Ninjago + Elmo = Two Happy Birthday Kids (and a whole lot of red).

When we moved here in January, I had no idea if we would have friends in Lexington by the time Rydan and Lily’s birthdays rolled around.  Thanks to our wonderful Walnut Ridge neighbors, we do have friends.  Some really, really great friends. 

On Saturday we celebrated Rydan’s July 30th birthday and Lily’s August 16th birthday with a picnic at our house.  Our guests included a few of our favorite new friends from the neighborhood, who we’ve been so blessed to have gotten to know over the past seven months.  To our good fortune, the rain stayed away and the kids released some energy in the bounce house and cooled off with some water balloons.  Rydan and Lily both received some fun new toys, including Battleship, a gigantic water gun, and legoes for Rydan, and a new tea set, cookware and Elmo Play-Doh for Lily.  Add that to the gifts that have been arriving from our generous families in Pennsylvania, and we’ve got two very lucky and smiling kiddos. 

To our Walnut Ridge friends – we love you and are so grateful to have you celebrate Rydan and Lily’s birthdays with us.  It’s been a delight getting to know you, and we look forward to lots more get togethers and fun days ahead.  To our friends and family in Pennsylvania, we miss you terribly and can’t wait to see you again at Christmas!  Thank you for all of the gifts and love you have mailed to Rydan and Lily.  I love to see their eyes light up when a package arrives in the mail. 

And now, here are some of our favorite birthday party photos!

The cakes. We LOVED the cakes.


Ninjago. I had a lot of fun making these lantern decorations. Thankfully Elmo and Ninjago are both red. I wonder if next year will be as convenient? Probably not.

A pop and balloons = a happy Lily.

Neighborhood friends.

Hangin’ out in the bounce house.

Water balloons.

Lily had the last balloon, and did not want to give it up.

Waiting in anticipation as Lily FINALLY decides to throw the balloon.

Gift time.

“Mama, Elmo, Elmo!”

The water gun.

Tea Party.

Make a wish!

The favor bags. Proud to say I made these too!

Elmo favor.

“Ninja Bread Men” Favor.

All in all, I think it’s safe to say that our first Lexington Birthday Bash was a huge success!


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Love the pictures! Happpy Birthday Rydan and Lily! We miss you.

Comment by Stacy

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