Marshmallow Mondays

Back To School

Summer vacation is just about over. 

It’s back to school for Rydan this coming Wednesday, and with the cooler, fall-like weather we had this past weekend, it definitely feels like school is in the air.  Last week we paid a visit to Rydan’s school to meet his third grade teacher, Mr. Sauls.  Though he’s had a lot of fun during his first summer break in Kentucky, Rydan is eager to go back to Athens-Chilesburg Elementary and begin another school year.  With six third grade classes, we weren’t sure if Rydan would be in the same class as any of his second grade friends.  However, he was happy to see a few familiar faces inside of Mr. Sauls’ classroom.  I have no doubt that he’ll make even more new friends in no time at all.  He never stops surprising me at how easily he can adjust to new environments. 

So now it’s back to the “Mommy and Lily Show” Monday through Friday.  I am looking forward to getting back on track with our weekly story times at the library, more fall weather, which means pumpkin spice lattes and caramel apple spice at Starbucks.  Next month we plan to take a “Mommy and Me” Dance Class at the Lexington Dance Factory, so I’m sure that will be deserving of a Monday blog post.  In the meantime, stay tuned for a full report on Rydan’s first day of third grade!

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Hi, Bridgit,

Cherish these memories because they are who you were and who you’ve become. As the years go forth and everyone gets older, and at some time the children leave to pursue their own lives, all these photographs and your comments will become he most precious things you and Ryan own. They’ll define the life you and he have declared for yourselves. And what a blessing that is! So many readers envy you.

Rev. Fordon

Comment by Rev. John Fordon

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