Marshmallow Mondays

Labor Day & Baseball

Happy Labor Day from all of us at Marshmallow Mondays!  We wish you a day filled with fun, family, friends, relaxation and lots of good picnic food.

As for us, we planned a very spontaneous trip to Cincinnati, and by very spontaneous, I mean I was on the phone making a hotel reservation on Saturday at 6:30pm.  We already had tickets to see the Phillies play the Reds in Cincinnati on Labor Day, but at the last minute we decided to make it an overnight trip.  So, yesterday morning we packed up the car and were on our way to the Newport Aquarium.  Rydan and Lily saw lots of different kinds of fish, sharks, alligators, and all sorts of other underwater life.  We enjoyed lunch at Tom & Chee and then headed back to our hotel so that our exhausted little lady could take a much needed nap.

That night we had hoped to watch what is supposed to be one of the largest fireworks displays in the midwest.  We waited anxiously in our hotel room and watched out of our window to see if the rain would pass.  By 8pm, it was still pouring.  The fireworks went on, but we decided to stay dry and watch them on our tv.

Today we are headed to the Great American Ball Park to watch the Phillies play the Reds, hopefully.  We woke up to more rain this morning, so at the moment we are unsure if the game will happen or not.

Speaking of baseball, we have an update on our very own baseball player.  Fall baseball began for Rydan about two weeks ago.  This is his first year playing coach pitch, and so far he’s been having a great time on the field.  This past week, Rydan had his first two games, so here are a few photos of him in action.  Go Pirates!

GAME 1:  Pirates vs Dodgers

First up to bat, and Rydan got a base hit.

As soon as Rydan came back to the dugout after scoring a run, Lily raced over to give him a high five.

Players all take turns at different positions. During this inning, Rydan played first baseman.

GAME 2:  Pirates vs Reds

Rydan was awarded with the game ball for playing so well against the Reds. We were so proud of him. Way to go, Rydan!


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